Ebay Bargains

Hi to all

I have managed to find several items on ebay.

As we are on a tight budget me being the black sheep my H2B has no family over here

So I thought it was perfect for prices

I have found cakes, photographers,cars everything to do with a wedding really including dresses. If you are also like me (budget wise).Then why not give it a go

Never know what you might find ehh.

Good luck to you all xx

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  • im same as you cinders, i brought my dress, h2b outfit invitations , balloons etc all on ebay going to gte my hen night stuff on there aswell ! lol i think im getting addicted!
  • Ive also made one or two, maybe three or four, five poss six or even more purchases for my wedding from ebay!! Ive bought items for my invitations (that im making myself), guest book, ring cushion, diamonte pins for the centre of my flowers and button holes etc etc. Is kinda handy but its not always as cheap than in the shops.
  • Also got a lovely pair of socks that have GROOM embroidered in them to give my H2B on our wedding day. Im going to get him a little pack together as a present, such as GROOM underpants, cufflinks, his fave smellies, little grooming kit and stuff like that that I know him being a man will forget! Bit like an overnight bag with his essentials and a bit more!!
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