Thanks for all your opinions, I've now removed this as H2B has taken to looking over my shoulder when I'm on here now!!

Hope everyones day is wonderful!


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  • Leeanne73Leeanne73 Posts: 3,698
    Aww i think thats lovely!!!!! How sweet.
  • That is beautiful! what else have u got in the box?
  • that is gorgeous. i might make mt h2b a box thats a really good idea. what else do you have in there?
  • That is so lovely! He is a very lucky man :\)
  • Thanks ladies, I also have a pair of groom socks so he doesn't get cold feet, a tshirt to wear the day after with 'under new management' printed on it, cufflinks with our nickname initials on them, some of the aftershave he wants to wear on the day, a letter from McLaren F1 team and I'm also making him a mini memory book with photos and little quotes in.

  • loobyveeloobyvee Posts: 1,022
    Awww, that is so sweet
  • That is so lovely!!!!!!!

    Hope you dont mind me nicking the idea of the groom box (embarrassed smile)

  • Wow that sounds like a lovely idea. I love the T-shirt 'under new management' image

    May have to go look for one of those!

  • FeeFee232FeeFee232 Posts: 1,159
    You sound so thoughtful. I think its a wonderful idea.

    I got my husband to be a pair of cufflinks to match the wedding rings exactly and a tie pin too. I asked him to wear the cufflinks on the day of the wedding and he dutifully obliged he loved them.

    I also got him a card made by a friend and it was read out at the reception by the best man. He loved it.

    Whatever you choose or decide to give you know they will really appreciate your efforts.

    Best of luck.

  • hi, sounds great... where did you get the congratulations from the mclaren team? x
  • Hi mrsshires2be I wrote to an address on another thread on here F1 CONGRATULATIONS or something like that?

  • that is so lovely! did you make it up yourself???
  • I work in a school and we were doing shape poems with the kids, we had something similar to show them, but when I looked for it again I couldn't find it so I wrote my own!

  • aaaaaaaaw yuk!!!!

    i think my h2b might throw it back at me or have me sectioned!!!

    (sorry, i know that sounds mean but I'm sure your man will love it image
  • I totally agree with eskimo_shash. That would make my h2b puke, in fact I think I might puke just reading that!

    I am really sorry but i def think that is toe curling!!

    Thats just my opinion though - each to their own!!!

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  • lrbpielrbpie Posts: 2,280
    Depends entirely on your H2b. Mine would burst out laughing if he read that. However if yours is into that kind of thing then I'm sure he'd love it... only you can judge!!
  • i think its brilliant! so romantic and shows you really love him! i know my h2b will be freaking out on the morning of our wedding so having something special like that would help! i'm def pinching that idea!! xx
  • I definitely think it's romantic it sounds so honest and sincere and when he opens it on the morning of his wedding I think your h2b will love it.
  • Sorry I dont like that... Think its a bit 'toe curling' and I wouldnt be able to send it without h2b thinking it was some kind of wind up !

    If you think he willl ike it though, go for it...

  • i think its lovely, your box sounds a lot like mine thou im saving for a pair of tiffeny culf links
  • I think it's a lovely idea. I really want my h2b to have something from me either on the morning or the night before.
  • abudukabuduk Posts: 565
    I read the whole post to my H2B for a mans opinion and he thought it was really romantic and very thoughtful.

    I didn't read the bit about the gift box as I am going to do that!!

    Let us know what he thinks x
  • Thanks everyone for your responses, when we were first together our relationship was long distance so we used to send each other romantic stuff, I've decided to include it in the box.

    mrspayne2b I will let you know what he thinks but it may be a while til I get back to you cos weddings not til 01/08/09 (202 days!!!!!!!)

  • Thats such a nice idea, i'm planning on making a memory book/box for the two of us too image

    You get married 14 days before me Mrs Welly image Its getting to that exciting time now isnt it image
  • bets101bets101 Posts: 596
    hi i just showed my h2b be and he laughed. he said that practical stuff would be better. something to calm his nerves, a picture of yourself would be better.

    sorry to put a downer on it!
  • bets101bets101 Posts: 596
    sorry if that sounded harsh! if you think he'd like it go for it, my h2b is quite soppy but still wouldn't like it.

    the box idea is great tho!

  • bride1267bride1267 Posts: 478
    I think its lovely hun. You know ur h2b and im sure he'll love it. Men come in all shapes and sizes and some are more in tune with their feelings than others. Good luck! x
  • Sorry, but I found that toe curling! And like Betslfc, my H2b laughed too...

    To be honest, only you will know if its right for your h2b. If its something you think he will appreciate, then go for it!

    Good luck, and sorry if post sounds harsh, but i wanted to share my opinion.


  • its rather soppy, but lovely, infact its just the sort of thing h2b would write for me!
  • Aaaw, I think that is so lovely and romantic! I might acutally pinch some of your ideas!!! x x
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