Chelsea FC congrats - how do I go about this, ladies?

Would like to put a surprise box together for my h2b. I would love, love, love to have included in this a letter of best wishes/congrats from his beloved Chelsea.

Hos do I do this???


Thanks girls xx


  • MaireadbroMaireadbro Posts: 2,300
    Just write to the club - they should be fine about it.
  • MrsSheepTeaMrsSheepTea Posts: 2,449
    Seriiously, it's that simple? Who do I address it to lol?! What do I say - just explain that he's a massive fan and we're getting married so could they pen a congrats letter? xx
  • MaireadbroMaireadbro Posts: 2,300
    Address it to (not sure but Pr maybe!)

    Fulham Road, London SW6 1HS

    Explain you are getting married and Hubby is massive fan and here's hoping!

  • MrsSheepTeaMrsSheepTea Posts: 2,449
    Wonderful will do so! Have you had any luck with them, mrsaskew2b? x
  • i have asked chelsea...via email and they are sorting it all out 4 me. i did mention i knew it was a long shot as i have read chelsea are the only team in the premier league that dont do it (so i read on here) and they said they would b happy to do it! good luck!! xxxx
  • MrsSheepTeaMrsSheepTea Posts: 2,449
    Hi, just to let you all know that CFC contacted me within hours of my emailing them and are going to send a letter of congrats! My h2b is going to be made up!! x
  • juliewoojuliewoo Posts: 277
    Very excited about this. I've heard they didn't do it either! Who did you email. I really want to do it!! I hope they will for us! When are you getting married? I'm getting married in August not sure if it is too early!xx
  • MrsSheepTeaMrsSheepTea Posts: 2,449
    Hi Juliewoo

    I just emailed through the contact link on their website ( They replied really quickly! We're getting married in Sep 09 so no, it's not too early lol! Good luck! xx
  • juliewoojuliewoo Posts: 277
    Just done it. Bet I won't get a reply for ages because of the new year. Really hope they say yes! Let us no what you get! Hope its classy!xx
  • juliewoojuliewoo Posts: 277
    Yay! They are sending out something!xx
  • MrsSheepTeaMrsSheepTea Posts: 2,449
    Woo hoo! I'm dead excited for my h2b. He has no idea I'm doing this. Let me know what they send to you and I'll keep you updated to. It kinda hurts as I'm an Arsenal supporter, but my h2b will be so chuffed, being an ardent Chelsea man, it's worth it lol x
  • After reading this thread i emailed Chelsea and asked for a letter of congratulations for my fiance and i and they have emailed me back to say that they will be sending me a letter soon. I am so excited as i didn't think that they would do this and wouldn't have gone for it until reading this thread x
  • gem_sweetiegem_sweetie Posts: 1,898
    Hi Girls,

    I got my letter last year from them I got in at the start of the season but it took a few weeks for it to be sent.

    Hope you are all pleased with it, I cant wait for the best man to read it out. Best of luck ladies

    Love Gem xx
  • This is a brilliant idea!

    My fiance is a huge chelsea supporter... he had a season ticket and went to every game without fail but due to the wedding costs he gave it up this season... i didnt want him to as he loves them and he'll prob never get one again as their waiting list is so huge now but he wanted us to have more money for the wedding (bless him).

    So boxing day was the first boxing day we had ever spent together at home as he was always at stamford bridge (the only other time was when i booked us a xmas package at the chelsea hotel and went to the game with him... we couldnt sit together but that didnt matter) so his little face would light up no end to be read a letter of congrats from chelsea!

    We're not getting married until May 2010 so think it may be too early for me to enquire but i may do so towards the end of this year!

    Thanks ladies!
  • gerdy78gerdy78 Posts: 315
    hey ladies, this sounds fab, i aklso have chelsea mad h2b!!! Can i ask what the letter actually says and who it is signed from?? thanks...will be sending an email myself shortly
  • Laura0701Laura0701 Posts: 1,455
    ah this is a great idea! im goin to do it for H2B rangers are his team, does any1 know if they do it? xxx
  • cmbirkbycmbirkby Posts: 121
    I love this idea - my h2b supports sheffield wednesday (who are they, yes i know!!) What did you put in the email?
  • dummymummydummymummy Posts: 1,010
    wow fab!

  • dummymummydummymummy Posts: 1,010
    just emailed em! fingers crossed x
  • I emailed them on Saturday and just got a reply back from the Marketing department saying "Thank you for your email. We unfortunately do not offer a wedding day best wishes card but we do wish you all the best on your special day.

    Thank you "

    Gutted or what?! I am going to try sending letters to random people within the club now and try the c/o PA trick as I read on one of the other threads. I'll let you know how I get on.

    If any of you have any luck with a particular person can you please let me know as I'd love to be able to get this sorted for him!



  • juliewoojuliewoo Posts: 277
    Hi ladies. Thought I would let you know that I recieved my letter from CFC. I was a little disappointed was not signed by anyone or anything but is on headed note paper. Not sure if that influences you in anyway.xx
  • dummymummydummymummy Posts: 1,010
    hiya juliewoo id second that, i recieved mine on headed paper and just said congrats probably pre-printed in the office eh, nothing personalised about that. bit disappointed too x
  • I too am marrying a Chelsea fan and went onto their web site and gave them our wedding details .

    I had a letter back congratulating us on our wedding day, our best man will read it out with the speeches.

    i am also trying to get him a waistcoat made with a chelsea silk back as a special gift

  • MrsSheepTeaMrsSheepTea Posts: 2,449
    [email protected]

    This is who I emailed. They do this sort of thing all the time, or so I've been told! I got a reply within weeks of my email. Good luck x
  • MrsSheepTeaMrsSheepTea Posts: 2,449
    Oh, and to also go along with the other ladies here, I too was a little disappointed with the 'computer generated' letter. I'm sure Arsenal would've at least got a real player to sign hehehehehe x
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