Is anyones H2B buying their own kilt or got it custom made? How much do we have to budget for this?


  • :S id be too scared to have anyone at my wedding in a kilt. there was a story on here the other day about a bestman who pulled up his kilt and sat on the brides knee and left poo stains eeee
  • Hi, my h2bs kilt is costing £210 to have hand made in his family tartan. You can get them cheaper off ebay but i want to see what im getting before i pay for it.
  • Thanks mandy69. That sounds quite reasonable. I was scared it would be close to 1k or something..

    Can I ask where your H2B is getting his kilt made?

    My H2Bs family tartan is a really rare one and apparently you can't buy them ready made..
  • Lauren, I read that story too!!!!

    But since my H2B is Scottish and we're living up here ALL the men will be wearing kilts. I'll just have to hope they are cleaner than the guy in that story..
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    H2B and his dad got kilts made a couple of years ago for SIL2B's wedding, their tartan is fairly rare too so had to be custom made. They each bought the full formal suit - kilt, jacket, waistcoast, 2 shirts, 2 prs socks with the little tartan bits, sporran, a belt for casual use as the sporran is formal (don't think they'll ever use the belts!), bow tie, and the skein dugh (can't spell it but it's the little knife). All in it was about £700 each. They are really good quality though and will last all their lives - the advantage with kilts is you can put on/lose a considerable amount of weight and still adjust it to fit you! The same can't be said for the jackets and shirts but these are the cheaper part of the suit anyway!
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