h2b is xxxl

Hey having a bit of trouble finding nice waist coat for my h2b that isnt costing a fortune.his chest measuremnet is 52inches and off peg stuff in our price range only going up to 48, lol although his tryed to squeeze himself in to them (his tight fisted when it comes to himself lol) its just not happening.Anyone have any ideas? we need help!! image


  • Is there any possibility that he may lose weight between now and whenever your wedding is? If not I guess the solution may be he has to have one made to fit him.
  • EmmaWukEmmaWuk Posts: 241

    We got off the peg waistcoats from debenhams (£55). I'm sure they went up to 52". They said they could order if the size was not in stock. Good luck.
  • We are hiring our suits and waistcoats from Greenwoods (www.1860.com) and they go up to big sizes.
  • thanks for all your help, managed to get one on ebay complete with a cravat for 25 pounds including postage, very pleased! image what a bargain.
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