How to make the groom stand out?

H2b was saying how he wants himself, his two ushers, best man and the two fathers to wear exactly the same (morning suit, waistcoat, cravat all in the same colours). But I think that, as the groom, he should stand out from the crowd and look a bit different to all the other men. How can we achieve this?



  • he could have a different coloured waistcoat and cravat to the others or even a different coloured flower as his buttonhole.
  • My H2B is having a completely different suit to the rest of the wedding party - it's an American custom to have them all matching apparently. Look at Four Weddings and a Funeral - they all wore different suits, waistcoats etc - so have what you want to, there are no hard and fast rules.
  • kvjoneskvjones Posts: 178
    My H2B wanted to stand out as well so he chose to have a different coloured suit (dark cream) to the rest of the wedding party (black) but its the same style suit and waistcoat. His cravat and hanky will be made out of the same material and colour as my dress and the rest of the wedding party will have the same colour and material of the bridesmaid dresses.
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    Brilliant girls, thank you. Our colour scheme is pink and silver, and I'm thinking of adding ivory to it as well so I'm sure I'll be able to play around with colours a bit x
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    My h2b is also having a totally different suit from the others. Same colours but he got a lovely slim fit suit from marc Wallace that looks fab!
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    Ooo jealous Pinkbambi! I absolutley love Marc Wallace suits but we are too far away from them to get to the shop and h2b doesn't want to risk that amount of money on a suit he can't be properly measured for or try on. Gutted! tHEY ARE THE ONLY LOUNGE SUITS IN DOVE GREY THAT i REALLY LIKE. tRY HAVING THE WEDDING PARTY IN PINK TIES AND H2B IN SILVER OF IVORY. hIS WAISTCOAT COULD BE IVORY TOO TO MATCH YOUR DRESS. (Sorry thats all in capitals! Hit the button by accident and don't want to retype it all) xx
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