First Dance Songs

Calling all brides to be!!!

What is everyones first dance. I really want to hear from you all.

Ideas, inspirations and lyrics.

Kate B xxxx June 09


  • Calling all brides to be!!!

    What is everyones first dance. I really want to hear from you all.

    Ideas, inspirations and lyrics.

    Kate B xxxx June 09
  • char2609ukchar2609uk Posts: 1,539
    Ours is You Had Me From Hello by Bon Jovi - it really sums up our relationship.

    We've had the actual dance choreographed to this piece of music as H2b didnt want a shuffle.


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  • abudukabuduk Posts: 565
    I'm really stuck with this too, especially as we are just having a VERY short 1st dance as we have planned a choreographed routine. Very tricky!!!
  • PickleLily82PickleLily82 Posts: 1,913
    Wonderful tonight- eric clapton!
  • We are going to have either Aerosmith; I don't want to miss a thing, or Lifehouse; You and Me image
  • We are having Someone Like You by Van Morrison. I never thought of getting a dance choreographed, my h2b isn't a fan of dancing and is pretty nervous about our first dance. How did you get this done Char2609, did you do it yourself or did you get help with it?
  • We're having Better by Tom Baxter. It's just so beautiful and simply says all it needs to
  • I'm having Always and Forever, luther Vandross! i love the words! x
  • Hi

    We are having Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol!! XX
  • Leeanne73Leeanne73 Posts: 3,698
    oh i love that song mrs gregory 2b.I really dont want to have a first dance cos im so scared.So im planning a jokey one like the ones on youtube.Id prefer ppl laughing at me cos im doing somehting daft rather than them laughing at me cos im mucking up a serious slow dance,does that sound stupid?
  • We really can't decide!

    We have so many romantic songs that mean something to us over the years that it's hard to choose! They include:

    Hero - Enrique

    Heaven - Brian Adams

    Arthurs theme - Christopher Cross

    Wherever you will go - The Calling

    We are even thinking about going for something like Take That Greatest Day as we really like it (no significance).

    One of my bridesmaids is a dancer and is going to teach us how to dance - we want a song that we can do some proper ballroom to and not shuffle around in a circle!

  • FeeFee232FeeFee232 Posts: 1,159
    You can laugh at our choice we had

    Andy Williams can't take my eyes off you morphed with the Time Warp to get everyone up on the dance floor and break the ice.

    Everyone loved it and some were shocked at our choice but it caused a laugh and most people said it was typical me.

    Just enjoy your first dance and choose what you want.

    Best wishes.

  • We're having 'So Beautiful' by Darren Hayes. I am a huge fan and love the words in that song, also have seen him perform it live with h2b.
  • HollysmumHollysmum Posts: 313
    Hi there. We are having Right Here Waiting for you, by Richard Marx, then halfway thro, it will get mixed in with the YMCA when our best man & cheif bridesmaid will join us to do the routine. None of the guest know aout this, so it will be a gr8 surprise. Which everyone will hopefully enjoy.
  • char2609ukchar2609uk Posts: 1,539
    Fairycake 22 - we went and found a class that did regular ballroom lessons, then asked the tutor if she did private lessons. We have an hour per month which costs £30 - we've been doing it since June as we couldnt afford lessons more frequently.

  • shem83shem83 Posts: 699
    We really like Gwen Stefani - The Real thing (the slower version) but not sure if its too slow, its one i we always played when we first got together.

    Others i'm considering are:

    Norah Jones - Come away with me

    Stereophonics version of the first time ever i saw you face and more upbeat Divine comedy songs of love, better run that one past my groom first as i thing you need to do a bit of a waltzy type dance to it.
  • Thanks Char2609, I'm going to look into it image x
  • We were watching Gavin and Stacey DVD the other day and found a song we really liked! Just found out its Lifehouse- You and me. Love it and think we are going to have it as first dance!
  • Mrs_Emma_BMrs_Emma_B Posts: 303
    Were having Two can have a party - by marvin gaye and tammi terrell

    Great dancey song. image
  • leaspinleaspin Posts: 122
    We're having Amazed by Lonestar, It has always been my fave song but the words hold a great deal of meaning! I blubbed when I last danced to it with my H2B so I hate to think how I am going to be on the night! Oh dear!!!! image
  • We're having drops of jupiter by Train. We love the song and needed something that wont make me too emotional !!
  • LAuk1LAuk1 Posts: 175
    'Greatest Day' by Take That, really like the song and words
  • vharilvharil Posts: 274
    We'r having Take That - Rule the world. Stardust was the 1st movie we went to see at the cinema, that song was playing when we had our first kiss - under the stars - and thats the song that he had on in the background when he proposed to me.... only seems right to have that as our 1st dance!

    Even got a wee practice at our engagement party dancing to it image
  • Phoenix_05Phoenix_05 Posts: 174
    Hallelujah.....we watched Shrek almost every day together when we first got together at uni. We'd avoid dinner in the halls and go to his room, ordering pizza and have a snuggle.

    H2B can't really dance and can't afford lessons. Not much time now anyway! So will probably shuffle and smooch. Who cares who's looking?!!!!
  • we're having metallica - nothing else matters (the S&M version)

    although, scrapping the first dance, and getting everyone to do the agadoo could be quite fun!
  • amandahullamandahull Posts: 115
    We are having Take That Greatest Day!!
  • JAX1145JAX1145 Posts: 1,742
    we are having Paul Weller 'your the best thing'

  • olisseolisse Posts: 1,280
    We're stuck between three:

    1. Nothing Else Matters - Metallica

    2. I get the sweetest feelish - Jackie Wilson

    3. Lovely Day - Bill Withers
  • Were also having take that greatest day .Booked for some dance lessons doubt we would be able 2 dance without them.

    Had a little practise but cant do it for giggling what are we gonna be like on the day image
  • rainbeauukrainbeauuk Posts: 198
    Were going with Jack Johnson - Better Together
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