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What is your man wearing and who chose it?

Enough talk of what us ladies are wearing and lets talk about our wonderful men folk are going to be clad in!!! My H2B chose his own but with very close supervision from moi and a bit of colour direction! We are having a mid August wedding and were aware it may be hot (please pray for us!!!) so decided to make sure our waistcoats are very wearable without a jacket. So he and his nine attendants will have black trousers with cream mandarin collared jacket (bit less formal) with a cream waistcoat which is discreetly patterned with silver and pink. This is matched with a palest pink wrap tie and diamante cuff links and tie pin which go with my sparkle themed wedding. have to say that I think our two year old son will probably steal the show in his identical outfit!!!


  • sciallensciallen Posts: 246
    Hey sparkie, iv been waiting for you to turn up* I must just drop this into the conversation ( im sat drinking a glass of pink champagne-we r buying r own 4 the wedding so we r testing out all the different ones this year to find our fav!!!), so "CHEERS" to you and your H2b, and not forgetting your little one too!!!. Ok, back to the men' dress for the big day, well i must confess, i suggested that craig wore an ivory waistcoat n rouche (think thats how you spell it, kind of like a tie thing) and to my delight he agreed, and he looked bloody gorgeous yesterday when he tried it all on!!!!!! I personally think that its nice for the groom to stand out from the croud a bit!!!!! If the bride can go to all the trouble to look stunning, then the groom should too, to compliment his future wife!!!! what do you think???? I just cant wait for the whole thing to happen, eveyone keeps telling me the day will go too fast so make the most of it, I keep forgetting it will be my birthday too on r wedding day!!!! god how hyper am i gonna be*!*!*! Hey sparkie, where abouts in uk r u from?

  • cheryl654cheryl654 Posts: 366
    Hi Sparkle twin - u sound high as a kite on your pink shampoo!! good for you......... only two glasses of red for me tonight as keeping my flesh in check for the big day!!! I'm in Yorkshire, what about you? Saving our bought champagne for a BBQ the day after and the day before we go on honeymoon. Am told the tie thing our men are wearing is a rouche - am imagining all sorts of concoctions on the day so will have to arrange a lesson beforehand!
  • Hi everyone,iam new to the chat, I thought i should add a bit of scottish to the topic.My htb will be wearing a kilt, so iam hoping itll be a nice day in mid september,as he might get a bit chilly.
  • Lou_1986Lou_1986 Posts: 1,584
    my h2b will also be wearing a kilt but not the traditional etire aswell as we are getting married abroad so doesnt want to have all the stuff in the hot weather so will be going for the lighter top
  • andynjoandynjo Posts: 13
    does any one know where can my h2b hire or buy a kilt and he wants his name coats of arms .. i cant find any on the internet .. please help
  • My h2b, his best man and our other witness are all wearing kilts for our October wedding. They have hired them from a gents outfitters called Greenwoods, they have several branches all over the country HTH
  • susiequksusiequk Posts: 229
    hi, my H2B is wearing kilt too. has one of his own but wanted a new one for the wedding which i don't mind about. it's still al ot cheaper than my dress so can't really complain! ha

    he's decided to go with my family tartan which is nice nad just happens to fit with our colour theme! there was a wee bit of persuasion from me, but gentally!!

    my family from wales are wearing welsh kilts too and the irish are wearing irish ones so it'll be a good mix!!

    my H2B is getting his kilt from

    they are great and really helpful and have lots of different tartans and accessories. but if youre not in scotland or london it'll just be by post.

  • As im in the services i'm wearing uniform image

    is anybody else as i'm not sure where to get my no.1 from.

    i've got almost 12 month to sort it though
  • amylukamyluk Posts: 714
    he's wearing his black 3piece suit from wardobe, he wanted to wear his white shirt but after putting it next to ivory material i convinced him to wear the ivory 1 i bought. and he is having a tie made from my dress material.

    page boys are in black suits, ivory shirts and have got waistcoats and bow ties from my dress material.

    best woman is wearing black suit and having a top made from my dress material.
  • DaddyorChipsDaddyorChips Posts: 9,196
    My husband to be has such a good eye for clothes that he is helping me out with my dress and picking his own suit (i'm such a lazy cow and letting him) The only exception with my giving him a free range is that he wants me in heels but i have told him i want to be comfortable on the day.

  • moogyukmoogyuk Posts: 185
    my h2b is wearing a japanese hakama! he NEVER wears suits, so he'd be really uncomfortable in one all he is into his martial arts so it seems perfect! the best man/my brother/ and our little boy are wearing black cotton madarin suits. But then me and my bridesmaids are all wearing traditional dresses. i'm hoping it will all look good together!
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