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Getting in touch with Lee Evans for H2B

Hey girlies!!!

I have read alot of posts about getting cogratulations letters from their H2B fav celebs or teams!

My H2B absolutly LOVES Lee Evans, and we just watch the Big live at the O2 DVD that i got him for christmas and he takes the mik out of his wife for ages, but then says at the end that she is his friend and his solemate! It was reeeeally sweet!

I'd love to get a signed pic or letter from him for my H2B on our day, but cant sseem to find a contact for him or any of his ppl ANYWHERE!!!!!

Any help would be brill!!!

Thanks girls!!!! image

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  • Hi here is lee evans offical web site

    it says he responds to emails which are sent via this site so you may have some luck here. good luck xx
  • Thanks CarlyO,

    I looked on there and it deos say he answers questions, but theres no contacts and the last interview he did was in 2003!


    I may be onto a no hoper there!!!

    Thankyou for your responcetho, and i'll have another good scount on the site i think!!

  • Hi EmmaBeaztoBe

    I have looked all around this site as well as i would love to do this for my h2b on the morning of the wedding, but i can not find any contact details! If you find anything please let me know! And i will keep you updated if i do find anything!! X
  • Leeanne73Leeanne73 Posts: 3,698
    Trying to get in contact with celebs is harder than trying to get blood from a stone,im trying to get in contact with alan carr.Having no luck either.
  • FAYE1983FAYE1983 Posts: 853

    I found this postal address for lee evans if that helps

  • I love Lee Evans too... I'm trying to get something from MotoGP (bike racing) doubtful I will have much luck... failing that I will try and contact the legend that is...Lee Evans!! He is just the funniest!!

  • i've tried to contact al murray & i haven't had anything back GRRR! Do they not know our wedding day is V.important!!!

    To be fair though it has only been a few weeks image!!

    I think i'll do the football team thing, people seem to have more luck, i'll wait nearer the time though as our team/manager changes as much as i change my knickers!! ;\)Were near the relegation drop zone you see!
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