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this will either make me or break me...!

hi are either going to think i am very brave or very, very unhinged here, but anyay...!

my h2b is having a ''cracking night'' as he so puts it in our local watering hole on his stag night, i am shocked to be honest, as i told him he can go where ever he wants as long as he enjoys it and doesnt get arrested, but no, he wants to go to our local with all his best buddies and just be where he feels comfortable and up for a laugh.

anyways, the place is our local, we know everyone really well including the land lady and have had some fab nights in there over the time we have been together. i got a bit tipsy the other night with the girls and we got onto the subject of hen and stag nights and what both of our plans were. so i said ''oh he's just coming in here with ******, ***** and the rest of his ''boys'' to cut a long story shorter, we drank more wine and got onto the subject of strppers etc and if we approved/ did not mind our fellas having them on stag nights, i don't, it doesnt bother me, but the more i drank the more i talked and eventually blurted out ''the only thing that bother's me is that he would be paying and i would give him a better show anyhow!!!!'' (i used to dance professionally-not lap dancing though, i was trained in the serious stuff!) to which one of the girls replied ''so do it then if you really think that''...and i bloody bet her i would....after nearly 2 bottles of wineimage!

so, the situation we have here is, i am now ''booked'', with the permission of the land lady (''after 8pm when the kids leave and in the adult bar only please'') to jump out of a ribbon wrapped, human sized gift box dressed in the style of bloody dita von tease or something and perform for my h2b!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! obviously i want to keep it more burlesque than stringfellows but i am nervous to say the least, i know i can do it and if i pick a fabulous outfit to make me look the business i think i will actually enjoy it,image

i am worried on one hand, but on the other i know my h2b will never, ever forget it and he will love it-he still tells me i am the world's greatest dance-bless!

what do you all think???!!!!;\)



  • Coconut2011Coconut2011 Posts: 3,752
    LOL LOVE IT!!!!

    Good luck with that!!!

  • GG011GG011 Posts: 2,208
    blimey....he'll love it, what a suprise! good luck!!!

    (your alot braver than me!)
  • Go for it! What a great idea xxx
  • Leeanne73Leeanne73 Posts: 3,698
    Oh hes gonna love it,well done you!hee hee id love to be a fly on the wall to see his reaction.
  • thats awesome..wish i had your guts!

    amazing!! image
  • WheesieWheesie Posts: 846
    Oh my, you are brave! Best of luck, I'm sure it will be fabulous!!!
  • that is one of the best ideas i've seen, its brilliant, lwt us know how it goes! When is it by the way if you don't mind me asking? xx
  • brilliant idea, however my h2b would hate that i'd be doing this in public in front of all his friends
  • What a great idea & very brave also! I hope you enjoy it as much as he will. : )

    Good luck. x
  • MaireadbroMaireadbro Posts: 2,300
    Superb!! You go girl! Enjoy it image His mates might not look on you in the same light again though..image
  • stmarystmary Posts: 204
    hi all,

    thanks for your support! it's not til mid may so i have plenty of time to prepare, i am really not going to make it at all smutty, i just want him to see that a stripper should not be your ultimate wish on your stag night! when his best mate got hitched last year the woman that showed up to his do was a cheap version of liz mcdonald and he was soooo embaressed. i just want to show my h2b what he can look forward to and that i am not about to turn into an old married woman...the olny thing nerving me now is actually doing it but i am sure if done tastefuly it should go down a storm...i will let you know how things are going once my rehearsals start...! and thanks again for the encouragement

  • NickiKittenNickiKitten Posts: 2,074
    I hope they havent planned to get him a stripper already, cat fight anyone!

    Will he be okay with his mates seeing this?
  • DandMDandM Posts: 1,788
    Wow ur sooo brave!!! I doubt I would do that just in front of H2b LOL
  • what a fabulous idea! trying to work up the nerve to do it for h2b at home!! stilll haven't, but then again i am a crap dancer!
  • Ah thats a fab idea, wish I had the guts to do something like that - can't wait to hear how it goes image
  • leighh5leighh5 Posts: 1,439
    congratulations - i think that is great and like you said it'll be something he will def remember x
  • great idea, just be careful that he doesn't mind you doing this in front of his mates! X
  • Again I think you are brave - personally if I gatecrashed H2B stag party in any way hed be furious and also all his mates and possibly some randoms in the pub seeing his wife to be in her undies would be his worst nightmare - I do it for him at home and thats how he likes to keep it! However all that said it entirely depends on your hubbys personal taste if you think he wouldnt mind you being there on his lads night then fine and also if you feel he wouldnt get cross and other guys seeing you like that just before he marries you then go for it!
  • Jules11ukJules11uk Posts: 128
    Hmm i feel the same as candypants, it depends if your husband would mind his friends and randoms seeing you in that sort of way, if he is more laid back then im sure he would love it but if it was me then i think my h2b would be mortified!! What a fun experience for you, woooo xxxx
  • I think it is a fab idea, I'm sure he and his mates will love it.

    I think if you keep it tastefull as you said you are going to..he will be so proud to have such a confident sexy W2B.

    Enjoy yourself and post us an update when you have done it.

  • Lolly84ukLolly84uk Posts: 2,219
    Well done for having the guts, wont he mind ur doing it in front of his mates though?? xx
  • I say go 4 it hun image its not like ur gatecrashing the whole nite, he'll still get to enjoy his stag with his mates & if its done tastefully then he should b proud of his sexy wife 2 b & the fact ud do this for him, not worrying bout his mates! U know ur h2b best & how he'd feel about it. U could maybe get the landlady 2 tell his mates that no strippers r allowed in the pub in case they do sneakily get him 1! Good luck - looking 4ward 2 the report!!
  • That is brilliant...

    I think your H2B will love'll be a legend

    Good Luck

  • Hey,

    Its a fab idea and i am sure your h2b would love it... however... maybe you should co-ordinate it with the best man so they know whats going on. Even though your h2b says he's justs having drinks with his mates, his mates might have other ideas!?

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  • Good for you, i think its a fantastic idea and im sure your H2B will be really proud of you for doing that for him.

    Good luck
  • Good luck!

    I wish I was that brave, but I'm the universe's worst dancer, not very sexy and very clumsy.

    image Sigh. I wish sometimes that instead of being my sweet, "bubbly" chubby little self I could be 5'7", a size 8 and blonde.

    Suppose I could dye my hair...
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