Groom box........

Hey peeps!

I am trying to put together a list of things i can put in a box for my H2B to open on the morning of the wedding. I wanted to get him a watch but he asked for it for xmas so that idea went out the window!

So far i have

1) Photo of me, and the 2 of us.

2)Groom socks


4)Maybe on of the leather memory books you can get and answer the 25 questions?????

5) A wedding card with some words/poem in there

And then i am stuck! Just doesnt seem much!

If you can help me with some ideas that would be wonderful!

What are others doing??



  • what about getting him his fave / dream car to drive to the wedding in.......dependant on your budget though.......then you can put a little card in the box telling him.
  • I'm doing one similar to yours and also adding, some of his fave aftershave and a t-shirt with 'Under new management' printed on it! and a pair of cufflinks.

  • dummymummydummymummy Posts: 1,010
    the congratulatory letters from his fave footie team, band etc are a great idea!

  • A cd of your fave songs?
  • abudukabuduk Posts: 565
    bump x
  • abudukabuduk Posts: 565
    bump x
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