Commitment Rings

Has anybody else bought their h2b a commitment ring? A kind of engagement ring for men?

I bought my h2b one for his birthday and he absolutely loves it, wears it on the ring finger and everything. I love it cos it makes him look like a married man already haha!



  • No i havent, but i have heard of them.

    Have you realised how many people dont wear wedding rings. I was in the pub near my parents house on the w/e and alot of the men there that i knew were married werent wearing wedding rings. I mentioned this and they said it wasnt the done thing back then - they were my parents age. I wonder when it did become the 'done' thing, and thank god it did!

  • Moon3012Moon3012 Posts: 178
    I know, some young men dont wear them nowadays either, my mate got married a few months ago and he never wears his ring. i think its a bit sly really, like announcing that your still singe, when your not! cheeky devils. im getting mine in the habit from the off!!

  • EmmaWukEmmaWuk Posts: 241
    My h2b does not like wearing rings full stop. Mine you he is a builder,so its a bit impractical. He's still having a ring, but he said he'd rather wear it on his chain.
  • Joey0810Joey0810 Posts: 537
    I know some friends who have got married recently and have chose not to wear rings...either they dont want a ring as they dont want to wear any jewellery or that they just didnt want one. I have told h2b whether he likes it or not he will be wearing a ring! In my eyes as I think they should be proud to wear a ring and show that they are married. Whereas if he doesn't wear one ladies may try to flirt with him thinking he is still single!!

    I only heard of commitments rings a couple of yrs ago when my friend got married and her husband wore an emgagement ring.
  • eeping76eeping76 Posts: 927


    FULL STOP!! image

    still, even thou i would like to have us wearing a pair of wedding rings, i dont really see that i would either since i'm working with kids and getting dirty everytime.

    but i think he sits on his bottom everyday in an office....HE SHOULD WEAR ONE!

    oh well....

    i've passed that phrase..... image
  • rammyukrammyuk Posts: 1,608
    i bought my h2b one just after we got engaged & he wears it every day i supose its just personal preference & i also think it shows the commitment you have to each otjer but a frient of mine has matching necklaces in stead of rings !!!!!

  • RhianukRhianuk Posts: 659
    When my parents got married (1971), my dad was the first of his friends and our family to wear a wedding ring. So I think it must have been around that time that they became the norm. Of my friends who have got married lately, only one man is not wearing a wedding ring as he says he doesn't like jewellery. I am really looking forward to H2B wearing a ring. We chose them last month, and they should be ready to collect quite soon. I will be so proud to see him wearing his ring as the only jewellery he wears is a watch. BTW - I also love looking at my dad's ring. After it being on his finger for 35 years (he doesn't take it off for anything - actually I wonder whether he would be able to get it off now), the originally shiny yellow gold is now really scuffed and I look at it and see that it symbolises all that my parents have experienced in their married lives and that makes me really happy.
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