Shoes for the groom??

My H2b is looking to buy his shoes soon and wanted to get them from Hugo Boss, like they do!! Had a look on the website and they have hardly any choice at all. Where are your lovely h2b's getting theirs from? x


  • I'm just hiring them with my suit (only £7.50) !
  • ceelouceelou Posts: 437
    Have a look at Aldo - they have some great 'fahion' looking shoes at a much better price than Boss!


  • im hiring too as i want all the wedding party to be completely matching!! £15 from Moss bros x
  • my h2b got his from burtons
  • ATuukATuuk Posts: 61
    My h2b wants a pair of jeffrey West shoes...probably going to cost about £250! However i'm hoping to get a pair of Jimmy Choo's :P
  • emsyjemsyj Posts: 3,807
    H2b is getting a pair of Church's, but they last for ever and he needs a decent pair of shoes anyway so I'm not too bothered. He has already spent more than double what I have on my entire outfit on a cashmere bespoke suit so have given up - what the hell, in for a penny in for a pound (sigh).
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