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a really special gift

Hi everybody

just to let you know i came up with a fab idea for a wedding present, all the teams and programs my man loves i have got signed photos, letters, tickets, etc

received letters from

West ham, man utd, Ipswich town, Liverpool

Gordon Ramsay, David Nugent(director corrie), john challis(boycie), Sue Holderness(marlene

Signed personalised photos from

All eastenders cast

all corrie cast

david jason

marlene ( sue holderness)

john challis ( boycie)

nicholas lndhursy ( rodney)

Paul o grady

match of the day team

alan shearer

gary linekar

gordon ramsay

I have had a briliant response, received over 6 letters and 35 signed photos, all personalised

going to arrange them into a folder for h2b


  • aww how sweet! ive wrote to the ppl at Formula1 and all the Newcastle United players are signing a card for him.........i couldn't pester you on how you managed to get Alan Shearers autograph could i?? lol

    misty xxx
  • Can i ask for the address for David Jason...pretty please
  • Also...could I ask how you got hold of gary linekar please? Thank youimage
  • Hi

    Alan shearer, gary linekar and alan hansen was through match of the day, wrote to

    you want a signed photograph of any BBC Sport presenter or pundit, please send a self-addressed envelope to:

    BBC Sport: autograph request

    Room 5070 (football unit)

    Television Centre

    Wood Lane

    London W12 7RJ.

    david jason was thrpugh his agent at

    David Jason

    The Richard Stone Partnership

    2 Henrietta Street

    London, WC2E 8PS


    hope that helps

  • LaurarawLauraraw Posts: 585
    How do you go about finding addresses for people?

  • I just put in the name of the person with contact address eg... gary linekar contact address and search google and it usually comes straight up, used for harder to find ones as free to use and people post feedback so you can see if that address is valid. Best of luck

  • Thanks so muchimage
  • LaurarawLauraraw Posts: 585
    Thank you! Will start on the case now!

  • Thanks for this image
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