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Wedding Insurance

Can anyone suggest a good company to go with for wedding insurance?

Every bridal magazine I buy there is a leaflet for E and L who seem very reasonable with good cover but I do not have the faintest clue about how to go about deciding who to go with.

You advise/ suggestions would be most appreciated.




  • Tubbsuk3Tubbsuk3 Posts: 764
    Hi, there are lots of other threads on this. Someone did warn against E and L as I think they were reluctant to meet a claim, can't remember the circumstances, it wasn't a wedding policy. I was going to go with confetti but am unsure of which level of cover to get. Also my Dad has deloped epilepsy after having a brain abscess, i therefore think I will need a tailored policy. This is something I really need to sort-might ask Sarah's advice on the live web chat.

    Gnasher xx
  • Tubbsuk3Tubbsuk3 Posts: 764
    Ignore my previous thread. Have just read very positive things about E & L on a more recent thread, think I might go with them myself.

    Gnasher xx
  • marks and sparks do one that seems reasonable, we are probably going with them (if i ever get my bottom in gear!)

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