Usher's Outfits - Who pays?

We are hoping to have all the men in the close family plus the ushers in morning suits which will need to be hired from Moss Bros - but we're not sure of the ettiquette on who pays for the suits? Do each of the men pay for their own suit or do we need to pick up the tab? Advice gratefully received.


  • FAYE1983FAYE1983 Posts: 853
    We are paying for the hire of all our groomsmen and urshers because we feel its only far as we are buying the bridesmaids dresses, so dont see why the groomsmen should pay for there own suits. But if i remember rightly they do normally pay for there own hire of suits

  • anng91anng91 Posts: 2,130
    We have decided not to hire suits for the ushers as we feel we should pay and can't afford it. Therefore they are wearing their own suits and we're supplying them with matching ties and handkerchiefs x
  • We are paying for all of the outfits for Best Men, Dad & Bridesmaids. We feel it is only fair as we have asked them to be a part of our special day. x
  • we are paying for the usher suit hire also, like Faye it didnt seem right to pay for the bm dresses and not usher suits
  • I think that if you have asked someone to be an usher you should have to pay for their suit, but on the other hand if you can't afford to like we can't then they should pay for themselves. We have said to our ushers that we will pay half and have asked them to pay half xx
  • FAYE1983FAYE1983 Posts: 853
    Moo are you getting married saturday coming up??? ( sorry just guessed from your name on here!)

    Bet your so excited!!!

  • We too are paying for the ushers suit hire.

    Originally, i was paying for the bridesmaids out of my own money rather than the wedding fund and the lads were all paying their own, with the ushers paying half price because one suit came free. But we decided that as a lot of them were travelling to be at the wedding it was only fair we paid.

    The ushers were more than happy to pay for their own tho (but i think they're glad they don't have to!)
  • Muir1978Muir1978 Posts: 326
    We're paying for our 2 ushers. I think if you're stipulating exactly what they should wear, it's only fair that you pay for it.

    Perhaps a compromise would be to ask all ushers to wear similar colour suits (as long as it's a common colour) and supply ties/waistcoats etc...?
  • we're paying for ours. most of the people coming have no money! also i've heard bad things about moss bros. there was a thread on here somewhere.
  • we're paying for ours. most of the people coming have no money! also i've heard bad things about moss bros. there was a thread on here somewhere.
  • We are paying.. its only fair we feel.. my boyfriend was an usher for his best mate and they never asked us to pay which we think is right.. going half is a good idea though..
  • We have decided that the men are going to be wearing just plain black suits that they can wear again. Luckily we have found some great ones at Greenwoods reduced from £150 down to £40. So we didn't feel too bad asking them to buy there own. We are going to be hiring the cravats and the waistcoats but as they can wear the suits again none of them have minded buying them themselves.
  • CurlylydCurlylyd Posts: 1,465
    We are paying for ours, like others have said, it doesn't seem right to ask them to do a job as a favour to us and then make them pay for the privalige. (sp!)

    Traditonally though, they pay for their own.

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