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Poem for H2B

Hi all, I have been searching for a poem for my H2B, I want to leave him a card with a poem in for him to open on the wedding morning. Havent come across the right one yet. Just wondering if anyone has any they could have used or come across on the internet??

Many Thanks


  • shoegal10ukshoegal10uk Posts: 1,308
    I can't promise you sunshine every day,

    But I promise to always give you warmth,

    I can't tell you what the future holds,

    But I can tell you I love you each day.

    I can't make you always feel happy,

    But I promise to always try to make you smile

    I can't make you always take the right path,

    But I can be there with you every step of the way

    I love you more than the sun in the sky,

    I need you more than the air I breath,

    I love you more than the stars that shine,

    And I CAN promise, you will always be mine

    I'm using this..don't know if its any good!! lol x
  • Thats lovely Thank you x
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