Secretly yours and mighty aphrodite???

I know everyone is talking about boudoir shoots, but Ive not seen anyone mention secretly yours? and wondered if anyone had used them???

Im currently trying to pick between secretly yours and mighty aphrodite, but cant decide! mighty aphrodite look brill, but they are more expensive - is it worth paying the extra?


  • Hi Jenny

    I haven't heard of Secretly Yours but used Mighty Aphrodite for my boudoir shoot as did quite a few other brides on here. I am really pleased with the service I got from MA, they made the whole experience really fun and relaxed and I'm really pleased with my final album. If you'd like to have a look at some of my MA pics, message me and I'm happy to send you the link and password to my online MA gallery.

    I'd def recommend booking with MA though! image

  • OJMummyOJMummy Posts: 154
    thanks. this is 'secretly yours' -so many people seem to have had good experiences with MA, that I think I will book with them. they are expensive, but i think it will be worth it;)
  • Hi Jenny, I have replied to your e-mail, if you have any more questions, please feel free to ask! image

  • OJMummyOJMummy Posts: 154
    WOW! your pictures are stunning! they are the kind of shots I was hoping for;) you have convinved me to go for it! thank you so much! xxx
  • Ahh I'm glad to have helped!! Go for it and have a wicked time!! image

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