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Football Clubs!!!

Hi, I know there have been loads of threads about the same subject but I was wondering what sort of response people had got for Man United? I was thinking of sending a shirt with the letter to see if they would sign it!!! Has anyone had much luck with them or not?



  • I sent my letter a week ago - no reply yet.

    I'm not sure I'd bother sending a shirt.....I know a couple of the bigger clubs only sign shirts for charities.
  • Bexie08Bexie08 Posts: 137
    I have done this with ManU.

    They are good, first time around i sent off for a letter of congratulations and they sent one with in 3 weeks, BUT our married surname was spelt wrong, and Sir Alex Ferguson's name was a print.

    So i emailed the customer service people who said that if i sent a letter again and a card that they would pass it on and see what they could do.

    Well this was a few months ago now and i emailed Sir Alex's PA and she said that she had seen it as the card was a big one and the letter of congratulations had been done, but the players dont sign anything as they only do it for charities etc. So she said she had sent the card back with the LOC.

    Still now i am waiting for it, but while contacting the PA again she said that it was sent out ages ago, so i think its lost in the post.

    So i have my 3rd one winging its way to me hopefully this time it will be all correct!!

    I would send off for a letter of congatulations but i wouldnt bother with the shirt.

    hope this helps x
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