Rugby mad H2B!!

Any of you B2Bs out there get your H2B something signed by a rugby player/club?


  • sarahlawsonsarahlawson Posts: 1,435
    Hi there

    how do you go about this I would love something for h2b as he hates football (lucky me) but loves rugby!

  • I have written to a couple of clubs but haven;t heard anything yet image

    My H2B hates the round ball game too. I am a huge rugby fan too which works in my favour.

    I have a copy of the letter I sent to the clubs if you want to see it? x
  • sarahlawsonsarahlawson Posts: 1,435
    Hi Leezpriory

    I would like that. What clubs have you sent it to. My h2b wouldnt appriciate the local clubs I dont think. He is only gonna be interested if its England and I think the chances of me managing to do that are slim to absolutely no chance hahahaha! Oh well back to the drawing board.

  • Hi, I dont know if you are on about proper rugby or rugby union, but i have got a signed card from leeds rhinos which my H2B will absolutely love!! x
  • Sarah L - a few of years ago I wrote to all of the England team individually c/o their clubs to ask them to sign a birthday card for an ex I was with at the time. I put a letter in, and a card and stamped address envelope to return it and I got them back from about 6 or 7 players - including Johnny Wilkinson, Martin (?) the captain, a few of the big names anyway and he was chuffed to bits. So it is well worth a try! If you make it as simple as poss for them to respond (i.e. by providing a card for them to write in and then envelope all ready to go to send it back in) then I think it is more likely you will get stuff back.

    Hope that helps?
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