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Hi There, I live in the Liverpool area and was wondering if anyone knew of any photographers who do boudoir packages!! Am thinking of doing it as a wedding present for my h2b, he would love it! Heard the Boudoir Book in Liverpool is meant to be good but think it has closed down! Anyone had any experiences with NGM in Bury or Miss Boudoir in Manchester? or anyone know of anywhere else! Am willing to spend about £600. Thanks alot. Lynne x


  • Hi! I used Nicola at NGM Photographic! She was brilliant and my photos were absolutely wonderful, I really couldn't have asked for a better photographer, she is SOOO friendly and lovely and put me totally at ease. Miss Boudoir IS wonderful too but was a bit too pricey for me at the time. Nicola has packages from under £200, I went with a package for £550 that included an Album, make-over and digital negatives.

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    Actually we had NGM photographic (nicola) booked for our UK wedding before we cancelled and decided to go abroad to Canada. I can honestly say she's fantastic at her job and i would whole heartedly reccommend her to anyone!

    PS: Alex, i saw your pics on her wedding site and they are fab!
  • HI there,

    I've just been looking at NGM for the wedding photographer and clicked onto the boudoir bit - i am definitely going to do that - my H2B would love it and i think he deserves a present after buying me such a lovely engagement ring! Just need to save up as I would love the makeover. What was the makeover like? Which one are you on the website? Whoever you are you look fab - they all do.

    Do you think she would do a package deal if we got wedding and boudoir?!
  • Hi katiejane,

    I'm on the slideshow, forth one from the end! I have wild curly hair and i'm lying on my back!

    I've just looked at her website and it still says 10% discount on the Boudoir shoot if you're booked with her for a wedding too. This is what I got actually as she did both my wedding and boudoir shots! She really is lovely as mrsm2be09 says, you'll have the most fun at your Boudoir shoot, I felt fantastic and glamorous!

    I had my Boudoir shoot before she started offering the make-over option but I probably wouldn't have had it anyway as i'm pretty good at applying make-up and wouldn't trust anyone else to do anything good with my wild unruly hair! But if you're not great with make-up i'd def give it a go - it's a bit more of a treat if nothing else!

  • Sounds good. I never know about discounts for these things - are you meant to ask?! I know what you mean about make up, I'm really picky about it but then I figure, you never know what someone else can do! Are you wedding pics on her site too? Geez I sound like a proper stalker don't i?! I LOVE her photos. She seems fantastic but I couldn't really work out the pricing structure - does the £1400 include the actual photos? It only seems to include the DVD plus the other stuff. Can you help me make sense of it all alexcat? Sorry to be a pest! I would love to be able to afford her though. Still haven't really set a budget for photography...
  • Thanks girls, i will check out the website!! Your photos look fab! Have just found out that Boudoir book in Liverpool is up and running again so am going to have a look at them too! They are literally a couple of miles from my house and have been looking on here and they have great reviews! Am definately going to book something this week, best start getting down the gym lol x
  • Hi katiejane! I've just been pouring over her website too! It's quite a while since I had my wedding photos done so they're not up there now, her packages are also very different from when I booked her.

    I've had a look at the packages page and this type of structure sounds familiar to me, i've seen it with other photographers too - the £1400 is a creative fee (all the work, gear, experience and turning up on the day) then you add things to it after depending on what you want, it says you can have an album starting from £250, so i guess the minimum album package would be £1650? The £1400 includes a DVD Slideshow (I had one - -amazing!!!), online gallery, 2 photographers and coverage from ceremony to start of meal. You can also add on extra coverage to this if you like - I had Bride Getting Ready photos too but not First Dance (didn't want anyone seeing my stumbles!). I'd get in touch with her to clarify all this though!!! I may have it totally wrong!

    She IS quite a bit more pricey than some others but I really searched around for ages for a really good photographer and she was the one I loved the most - I didn't regret it!


    bit added: hang on, my wedding piccies aren't up there but she's kept my Trash the Dress photos on! They were part of my wedding package at the time - -great fun! Look on the Galleries page and follow the link for Trash the Dress, i'm easy to spot with my curly hair!

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  • my h2b just looked at her photos and didn't really like them (of the wedding - keeping the boudoir bit a secret!). can't believe he doesn't like them but hey - can't justify spending that much if he's not keen!!! I will try to show him some more photos.

    Alexcat you look fab in the boudoir and the trash the dress!
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