Gift for groom, Boudoir photograph album!!!

I have booked in here to have a make upa rtist make me over and have a photo shoot and get an album to give h2b on the morning of the wedding.

I am also going to do some shots in my cathedral length veil & tiara & underwear for him to have in his mind when I trot down that aisle!

I can't wait and wish I could be tehre when he opens it on the morning of the wedding.

I posted about this in planning too ut couldn;t contain my excitement so posted here too!

The lady is very friendly and is very experienced, they also do wedding photos too!

What do the grooms think?

Would you enjoy this gift on the wedding morning?

( it's a woman photographer & I am adding a note in the package to say this so h2b doesn't get any ideas about a guy taking pics of me in my undies!)



  • How much are you paying for this? Whereabouts are they? xxx
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    They are in East London and it costs about £600 for the shoot & make over and album full of pics. Definately worth it, I enquired at load of other places that were cheaper but to be honest the results just looked cheaper so it wasn't worth it to me.

    I booked mine last year so maybe email thru the site to check the current prices. She is really helpful!
  • I went to high wycombe paid 250 for shoot got my make up done and then bought 7 pics cost 480 so total 730 could of got 100 pound off if i got someone to reccomend me at
  • Hi there, my auntie is a photographer and she has done some shots of me, just got them back this weekend and they are amazing - one of the photos is being put onto canvas and the rest are going in an album.

    I'd love to post them on here cos I'm so excited about them!! I didn't realise I looked good on camera as I hate having my photo taken!!
  • they look great pinkbambi - what a fantastic idea. can i ask - do you take all your own underwear etc. or do they provide anything - like the fur coat? and how many pics do you get?
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    They provide all the fur coats, muffs, riding crop etc but you nee dto bring your own undies & stuff. They do sell frilly knickers & stockings if you want to get some on the day. they are one size if I remember rightly so that usually means about a 12ish.

    I have got a bunch of stuff form las senza for my shoot.

    She also gives you guidlines about what to bring.
  • Pink Bambi,

    Ive just booked too, but in high wycombe with fyeo.

    Im so excited too, but also shi**ng myself, thank god ive got a friend coming with me, are you taking anyone? Originally i wasnt going to tell anyone but i couldnt contain myself. Also shes gonna drive over to the B&B hes staying on the morning of the wedding and give it to hi.

    Ive got my app on a weekday so i dont have to lie to h2b about where i am, feel so sneaky - love it. Just got to get time off work now.

    When is youres, mines in May, so a while yet to prepare what to wear or not to wear as the case may be....

    So excited, certainly beats the pair of cufflinks I was gonna get him.

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    Mine is in April, the 25th to be exact. I have asked her if I can have some music and if she minds if I bring some wine which she is cool with! I am going alone and have even bought a couple of wigs! i can't wait but am concerned about getting my body in shape! Mine is on a week day but we both work nights at the same place so have to come up with some ludicrous reason I am leaving home with a case!
  • Jubilee77Jubilee77 Posts: 2,213
    Mine is in April, the 25th to be exact. I have asked her if I can have some music and if she minds if I bring some wine which she is cool with! I am going alone and have even bought a couple of wigs! i can't wait but am concerned about getting my body in shape! Mine is on a week day but we both work nights at the same place so have to come up with some ludicrous reason I am leaving home with a case!
  • i've been looking in to this, it was going to be a surprise but didn't know if I could afford it , so I told h2b my idea he loved the idea of it and wants me to do it. I have found and

    Thinking about going with mightyaphrodite so have contacted them and asked a few question.... so we will see!!!!
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    Wow...some of that is a bit err...racier than i fancy. he he he xxx
  • Hi girls - I had mine a few weeks ago - loved it - though there weren't anywhere near as many peepy bits as there are in some of the above websites!! Had a great time - took my Mum - was all very civilised and almost pampery - we had a lovely girly day! The photographer and her all female team did an amazing job and I can't wait to see the pics! Quite a bit cheaper than the above too! Good luck with yours girls - have fun!!!! xx
  • Pr1nces5Pr1nces5 Posts: 2,581

    where did you go for your and what was the cost?

  • FYEO Portraits have published a webvoucher for anyone wanting to do this as a gift for their groom.
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    Hello everyone, just thought I'd resurrect this thread again, as I went for my boudoir shoot yesterday.. It was FANTASTIC! If anyone is considering it i would totally recommend it!

    I got my wedding photographer to do mine which was £295 including having my hair & make up done (and changed a couple of times for different looks) and i'll get an album with 12 shots in. My photographer was male, but it was fine. Felt a bit funny at first but you soon get used to it! And the make up artist was there the whole time. I haven't told anybody i've done this and I'm bursting so had to tell somebody!!!

    It was really good fun & I've seen a couple of pics on the camera already which looked great!

    I went for 3 looks although I took a HEAP of stuff with me. I had a load done in my wedding lingerie, wedding shoes and tiara (although unfortunately my veil wasn't ready in time). Then I had some done with just stockings & knickers, most of which were done hiding my boobs but then I thought what the hell so had a couple completely topless!!! image And then had some really cool ones done in this very 60's looking frilly red underwear (not cheap red) with minni mouse esque shoes which look brilliant & he said he might do one of those in black & white but with the lingerie & shoes in red! Oooh i can't wait to see the results properly!!!

    Sorry just really excited!!!
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    I had mine done yesterday it was brilliant, had such a good day. I was so nervous when i went in but they made me feel so comfortable. I also went to high wycombe FYEO
  • MoominmummyMoominmummy Posts: 1,621
    Cool, what was it like? what looks did you go for?? I am so excited to see my pics, but can't go until 18 April - seems so long away! I am also bursting to tell h2b but will keep schtum - I am useless at keeping secrets from him - he has already seen my shoes, tiara and i've described the dress. But he knows nothing about the lingerie or the photo shoot - some things are definitely best as a surprise ;\)
  • nadeanienadeanie Posts: 37

    Your deal sounds good - who did you go with? Am so keen to get this done for H2B but will need to be careful with my pennies!!

    N x
  • Hi girls - I had mine done through a wedding photographer too, saw the pics yesterday - they are AMAZING! There is one with my evening wedding dress on (which is a lovely cream grecian style halterneck long dress) , lying on the bed with my curls all spread out around my head and butterflies all around me. Its done in a soft glow - I absolutely love it!! I took loads of stuff with me too - veil, tiara, shoes, evening wedding dress, red sating dressing gown, fur stole, a black frilly baby doll set - black court shoes, black evening gloves, a pink feather fan, my wedding pearls, red bra set..etc etc! I even took my first date dress and wedding corset. The girls had great fun going through my box!! I had shots facing the wrong way on a chair (if you know what I mean) and pretending to tune an old fashioned radio in my underwear. It definately is about the props girls - take as much stuff as you can! I will put the name of the photographer on here when she sets up this side of the business properly - I'm her first client - and she's amazing!! Go for it girls! (Probably best to approach a photographer rather than go to an expensive place already set up - well worked for me anyway!) Also its not about the room its about the lighting and the skill of the photographer. We were in a tiny room with just a bed - and you'd never know!! Have fun girls!! xx
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    I am going for mine on 21st april! there are lots of pics of different girls on their now in the gallery. Is anyone brave enough to share their pics with us! I am dying to see some!!!

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    Hi Nadeanie

    My photographer is Philip Nash and he's based in Farnham in Surrey -

    I am seeing my pics in a couple of weeks - i want to go earlier but I just don't have the time what with EAster and then I'm on a hen do next weekend so i've arranged an appointment in the evening the week after that.

    Betty, your pics sound great too! I didn't really use any props, just different poses, but I really loved it & think the pics are going to look great - i agree about the lighting and the photographer. He took a lot of time getting the lighting right & using those silvery things to highlight my face and stuff.

    I actualy forgot - i went for 4 looks, not 3, i also had some in h2b's dress shirt (you know for black tie do) which i had just undone with rolled up sleeves - looked nice in a less obviously sexy way if yu know what i mean?

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    Betty your second dress sounds amazing! I am glad to have found someone else who is having 2 dresses for the wedding day! I am having 2 aslwell. This has inspired me to start a thread in wedding fashion to asdk if anyone else has 2 dresses!
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    Hi Pink Bambi

    I dont' get to see mine til 18 April and I don't think i actually get to take them away then or if i just view them and decide which ones to have. Also i don't think i'd be brave enough to post them on the internet!!!! sorry! we'll see though - perhaps i might put one on my avatar for a limited period or something!!
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    boo! I have no choice I got a discount to allow the photographer to use my pics in advertisments and the gallery on the site!

    I hope my pics look good!
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    Wow, that's great. I think if they offered me a discount i'd consider it... that said it's my wedding photographer so what if family or h2bs friends go on to look at the wedding pics and then found my pics under the boudoir section! I'd be a bit embarassed!!!

    If they're going to put your pics on their portfolio though it's great, they will take so much time to get your pictures absolutely perfect!
  • Jubilee77Jubilee77 Posts: 2,213
    I didn't think of it like that but thats true!!! I am a size 12-14...ok 14 so I think they want to show a variety fo sizes on the site and portfolio ro encourage everyone. the girls on there at the moment are more 8-10 so I am going to be the biggest...wish me luck!
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    im really intrested in having photos done does anyone know of a photographer in north west
  • sarah_jane77uksarah_jane77uk Posts: 1,421
    Same here...

    Anyone know of any in South Wales or close by ? fab idea for H2B pressie
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    Ooh Pink Bambi, I'm sure you're going to love it and will look fantastic - i really enjoyed it which surprised me! Can't wait to see your pics on the website when they're done - only a few weeks away! I'm so impatient to see mine! Wish i could have gone in this weekend but just not possible. Boooooo!!!
  • Hi girls - well have put a little piccy on of me - I have only got 2 at the mo as a taster. What do you think? I'll take it off once you have seen it Pink Bambi!! x
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