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Is it just me or is any other b2b paranoiod???

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  • I must admit I wasnt too pleased when h2b mentioned amsterdam, and I quickly responded by suggesting a golfing weekend in scotland!
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    I think that is just normal.. I wish by h2b stayed at home but I know it won't happen.. I am going away for a hen party so it is just fair that he goes to a stag do as well... I am am sure that nothing will happen because I know how much he loves me and he would never hurt me... But still sometimes a nasty thought creeps in my head... image

  • Yep, me too!!

    I've got 527 days to go and it worries me now!!

    I read the pole dancing thread on the emotional support messageboard and I know the girls are all right but i still went home and was like "no strippers!!"

    I am secure and know her loves me and wants only me but he's marrying me and so i only want him to see me like that!!

    Anyways, whatever the boys can do, we can do better! x
  • My h2b went on his stag night last night. Didn't think i'd feel as bad as i do. He went to bournemouth which seems like a million miles from where we live. He said he would call me when he got there and when he got back to the hotel but i didn't hear anything till an hour ago. This is really unlike him. He is being a bit weird now. Probably just hungover! Its such a horrible feeling, not knowing what they got up to x
  • Oh hope you're okay amywamey. Its a horrible feeling.

    I'm sure he's just hungover.

    My h2b assures me he's not going to amsterdam (we've been together a couple of years ago) and he doesnt know what he wants to do.

    I cant really have a big do, only keep in touch with 3 friends who all live far away, and I work freelance for myself so dont have work mates. So it'll be my mum, sister, my future idea what to do cant say I really want to do much at the moment!

    Is he home amy? If not you'll probably feel better once you've seen him x
  • Thanks liliacluce. He is home now but i wont be seeing him till monday as i'm visiting my parents. He called again and i feel so much better now. He was very hungover but said he had fun. They made him wear a dress! Nice! I imagined it to be booze, lap dancers and more booze but he jus said they had fun playing drinking games and then they all went girly apparently and they were all saying how lucky he is (he is the first one to get married) and that they were really happy for him. Then it sounds like they made him drink a dirty pint - not so girly! (dirty pint is a pint full of shots... yuck... the baileys makes it curdle!) He said he can't wait to marry me and move in to our new home next week and is really excited about our future! How sweet is that! Its my hen night next week so i'll just look forward to that now! Still don't know what to do for it though, my BM have been useless at organising it! Like u luce i'm not sure if i can bothered to organise that as well as the whole wedding. I have seen killers tickets available for friday though so could be tempted to see them!

    My friend is getting married next year and her h2b is going to norfolk broads on a barge thingy with all his mates then stopping off at pubs for a pint! Sounds great and much more civilised! Maybe yours could try something like that! When are you getting married? xx
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    I'm really worried now too.. both me and H2B are at the time of our lives when lots of our friends are settling down and getting married, so H2B is going to quite a few stag doos. I always get really worried but I know he loves me and wouldn't do anything to hurt me, but it doesn't stop doubt and paranoia ceeping in.

    I think H2B is planning on going to Magaluf or so I've heard the best man saying but I can't complain as I'm wanting to go to Benidorm or the like!!
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