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no wedding jitters!!

Hey peeps, long time no chat. Have 69 days to go, but here's where the problem lies. I CAN'T GET EXCITED!!!!!! I CAN'T GET NerVOUS!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME????????

I don't get it, 10 weeks till the biggest day of my life, and I'm not bothered. I'm not getting scared, excited, nervous or anything! is this normal??

To be honest both me and H2B are looking forward to honeymoon more [ a week in New York] as that seems to be more exciting. Is this an omen for the day, or the beginning of married life?

I'm putting it down to the fact that we have done the majority of our planning, and only have a few things left to do. It still feels like the actual day is months away, and I can't work out why I'm feeling like tihs. HELP!!!


  • chaninechanine Posts: 256
    You both sound as laid back as me and my h2b, we havent been worried over anything......but now with just 2 weeks to go i'm having sleepless nights worrying incase something has been overlooked and my h2b is getting nervous over doing his speech.....and we are both really really excited now.....dont worry the nerves, worry, stress and excitement will creep up on you nearer the stress shows out on my skin i break out in eczema (always in places it shows, my neck, my arms) and my dress has no sleeves so i hope the stress levels dont get any worse. ;\)
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