present for hubby 2 b

any ideas as to what i could get my hubby 2 b for a wedding present he spends most of his time working as a class 2 driver so doesnt really have a lot of time to do any thing else hes at work most of time and when hes home hes home for a couple of hours then bath bed out to do the same thing again the nxt mornin im really stuck with what to get he keeps on saying he doesnt want a pressie as hes got me but i really think i should get him something as hes paying for my wedding dress and most of the wedding as well please help


  • How about a pampering session somewhere, there are some that do couples.

    Or a wekend away a couple of months after the wedding.

    Im doing the semi-naked picture thing, why not look into that

  • I agree with princess wannabe. you can go on a spa that offers a couple package... it is a perfect gift to relax and unwind after the stressful preparations for your wedding..

    or you can also give him a watch or bracelet or necklace for your wedding. image

  • andre79andre79 Posts: 258
    thanks girls i love your ideas gonna bokk us into a spa for a few days will let u know the out come
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