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Pink flowered shirt anyone?

I would like your opinions please!

I'm hoping to get my fiance in a brown suit, with open collared pink flowered shirt ala Marc Wallace, with a nice clean pair of converse trainers... yummy ;o)

This looks dashing in my head, but I won't know until he tries it on. He's also insisting that I don't get to see his outfit, as he doesn't get to see my dress.

Do you think it's worth trying to persuade him? Has anyone seen this look before? Will it work???



  • My H2B was going to go down the Converse road! I think it's a really cool, contempory look.

    We decided against it in the end and chose a black, slim fit suit (very 50's) and black mod style shoes.

    Remember it's not the clothes, it's how you wear them ;\)
  • lozzyuk1lozzyuk1 Posts: 1,910
    my h2b is having the marc wallace pale pink shirt with floral lining but is more formal as he`s wearing a tie.sounds great though x
  • OliukOliuk Posts: 7
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  • Claire07ukClaire07uk Posts: 3,482
    That sounds really cool go for it! My h2b is wearing a green velvet jacket with a ruffly shirt and black cord flares and converse trainers! Very 70s I can't wait!
  • What a funkster Claire!! Can't wait to see pics :\)
  • Not until July 2008 Oli...

    Interesting takes on marriage, or weddings?
  • afrenchumafrenchum Posts: 124

    Like the sound of all the funkyness thats going on. My H2B keeps changing his mind first he wanted one of the Marc Wallce pink flowery shirts with a white suit and pink shoes, now his wants a grey pink pinstriped suit with a pink shirt and flip flops. Either sounds cool to me. Its just one he can't make his mind up and two he can't find a pink pinstripe suit, nice flip flops or pink shoes!! Any ideas??
  • natcognatcog Posts: 98
    We need a light cotton flower or paisley shirt to go with ivory waistcoat and trousers and flip flops. Any ideas where I can look? Marc Wallace is an option but we wanted a sand/ivory/brown shirt not pink. Love the laid back effortless look...! Keep uo the good work girls!
  • Jennifer - your H2B is not alone - my H2B has now bought himslef a brand-spanking-new pair of gleaming converse! He's planning to wear "normal" shoes in the day, and bung them on in the evening - he's just bracing himself for the oldies to ask what the hell he's wearing!! image
  • Claire07ukClaire07uk Posts: 3,482
    I know what you mean sunflower! We told h2b's mum he'd be wearing converse and she just looked at us a bit strangely! She'll come round though - the whole idea of not having a traditional suit horrified her at first but now she likes it. Your wedding must be coming up very soon now?
  • I think I'll print out this thread and show everyone that we're not mad!! image I think Converse will look awesome - H2B keeps joking saying that when we have kids, they'll keep asking "Dad why are you wearing trainers to your wedding - couldn't you afford shoes?!" image

    Wedding in 16 days - SH!T !!!!!! image One minute I'm feeling very stressed, the next a strange calm comes over me. Want it to be over now! :\) How long til your Claire?
  • mentioned in your post about flip flops...theres a brand called reef which makes amazingly comfortable flip flops (for men and women) and theyve got really cool black flip flops (the style is "fanning") with a bottle opener in the sole...i got them for my fiance and he loves them!my brother is a surf instructor and wore flip flops to his wedding last year, perfect way to personalise your wedding!
  • My man tried on the whoel kit at Marc Wallace - pink flowery shirt with brown suit... looked amazing!!! Love that shirt. In the end he decided that he wanted to wear a morning suit (my dress is quite formal, so I think its a good thing). He still wanted something a bit different, so he's gone for a pink floral waitcoat from Favourbrook which looks gorgeous with a plain pink tie and white shirt. All the groomsmen are going to have ties in the pink floral fabric - very funky! Quite glad that he's balance the formal/ traditional stuff with a bit of colour!!
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