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does any one know of some one to contact at the ECB for a congratulations letter for my HTB?

I have looked on their website but there aren't many contacts.

thanks for any help



  • tdoyleuktdoyleuk Posts: 148
    please let me know how you get on, was thinking of doing this too!
  • Laura2412Laura2412 Posts: 288

    I want to do this too!

    Thanks for the address, will def give that a go..... thanks x
  • seffielseffiel Posts: 1,729
    I've sent a letter this weekend to them and to Notts cricket club, will let you know how I get on..! x
  • carlybattcarlybatt Posts: 215
    I sent a letter to this address a couple of weeks ago but haven't heard anything yet - boo hoo!

    I'll let you know if I hear any more...

  • seffielseffiel Posts: 1,729
    I'm not overly confident of getting anything while the ashes are taking place, the team will be all over the place and not easy to track down for signatures etc.. I don't think signing cards for us brides to be is their high priority unfortunately..!! will let you know if I hear owt. x
  • carlybattcarlybatt Posts: 215
    I didn't think of that Forest Fire - good point.

    I still haven't heard but I might try again once the ashes are over (although I don't have a clue when that is!)

  • seffielseffiel Posts: 1,729
    Ashes ends early september and then there are 6 one day internationals. You are probably looking at end of september realistically and even then they will go back to their individual counties before they come back for their next England duty. I am going to one of the england one dayers so may take something with me and try and get it forwarded to the team before the game.. unlikely I know, but I think it might be my best shot.
  • tdoyleuktdoyleuk Posts: 148
    I got a card through the post this morning!

    Its really nice, has a photo of all the team and coaches, and they've signed it (electronically) all around the photograph. On the inside they've written congratulations Mr & Mrs Wavre.

    Didn't really think I would get it, but thrilled that i have! so expect yours soon ladies!
  • natster26natster26 Posts: 739
    taradoyle who did you write to to get yours sent?
  • tdoyleuktdoyleuk Posts: 148

    I wrote to

    The England and Wales Cricket Board

    Lord's Cricket Ground

    London NW8 8QZ

    I think I found the address on this thread actually!
  • seffielseffiel Posts: 1,729
    well done tara! Thats brilliant, although I'm still not overly confident!!

    I do have a back up plan though, my ex employer has links to the cricket team through players and backroom staff so I have sent him a card and he is forwarding it on for the next signing session to hopefully be signed! Not holding my breath though, but will be brilliant if we do get a proper signed card from them all! x
  • seffielseffiel Posts: 1,729
    woohoo.. I have a personalised card signed by all the england players thanks to my ex employer! Haven't picked it up yet but going to hopefully get it this weekend, hubby to be is going to be very chuffed! x
  • seffielseffiel Posts: 1,729
    Just a quick update I got through the same card as taradoyle last week, ironically after I went to all the trouble to get a card actually signed which I now have and is going to make h2b very happy on the day!! xx
  • MrsS1981MrsS1981 Posts: 645
    I like this idea! My H2B isn't a fan of any other sports so he would be over the moon if I got this! I'll send it off tonight! image x
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