Derby County Reply!!

Hi All

Been reading all about the football club replies and thought I'd let you know I got mine from Derby today!! I sent it at the end of the season which is why it took a while to come back as the players were away. I sent them a wedding card and its been returned with all the players signatures, I'm sooooo excited about giving it to him, don't know how I'm going to cope waiting 75 days!

I also sent a card to TalkSPORT a couple of days back because I was worried about not getting anything from Derby, has anyone had a reply from Talk SPORT?


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  • I had my rely from TalkSport on Thursday I put a stamp on it but the sent it back special delivery, can't wait for him to open it!! Also its my Dad's 50th soon, I sent Man U a card asking if the could get it signed and a few days later had a letter from the Manager back wishing him a happy 50th!!
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