Surprise at the wedding ?

Hello Guys/Gals.

My wedding is 29th of April.

I am looking for a wow surprise to surprise my w2b.

I know she likes surprises...and I am wondering what it could be....

please any idea...


  • Pr1nces5Pr1nces5 Posts: 2,581
    depends if you want a public surprise or private?

    public - fireworks?

    Private - nice bit of jewellry shes been hankering on for for years?
  • awww how sweet!

    Think of something that she really really would love, whether it be something for the reception like a poem you have written yourself.....Maybe a puppy or kitten to make 2 into a little family of 3?

    If your mates are game for a laugh you could all learn a dance routine, that'd surprise her and nobody would forget your wedding in a hurry!

    Or as pr1nces5 said a nice piece of jewellery.

    Whatever you decide I am sure she'll love it.

    Good luck, let us know what u decide!
  • Diamonds.
  • Kirsty_sukKirsty_suk Posts: 269
    Awww i love the puppy/kitten idea you could get a little tux for it. I have a friend who proposed with a chocolate labrador it had the ring in box attached to the collar. However i doubt many brides would want to pick up a puppy/kitten in their gown in case of accidents and where will it go while you are on honeymoon.

    I also heard of a wedding where they did the thriller routine that would be hilarious.
  • secretbridesecretbride Posts: 533
    The thriller routine is on youtube its great as is the dirty dancing one. Id love it if my H2B and his mates did something like that at the reception for me.

    I also found a butterfly release site which I thought was a nice idea.......

    Maybe you could book and plan the honeymoon a a surpirse for her?
  • Kirsty_sukKirsty_suk Posts: 269
    I know someone who did the butterfly thing and loads of them died whlist cooped up so it was a bit bittersweet, i think doves survive a bit better cooped up if you want to do something like that. I sound like an animal activist on here!!
  • 02002400200240 Posts: 21
    is there somehting she decided to cut back on but really wanted? If your looking for something that doesnt break the bank you could write her a letter with personal vows to her and your future together. I thik im going to do this for my h2b as we are getting married in a church and having traditional vows. I liked the idea of writing our own but i didnt like the idea of reading them in public so much. Or when the bouquets are being presented to the mothers (if your doing this?!) you could have a surprise bunch for her too to show her your appreciation for her hard work. I love the idea of a puppy but i know it wouldnt be at all practical for me personally, Instead of a bunch of flowers and potted plant would be nice as it'll grow with your relationship and it can move home with you etc, plus you dont have to worry about it as much when you go away! You will probably even have a fair idea of her fav flower after speaking to the florist.

    its a very sweet idea, im sure she'll love whatever you decide to do!


  • Melisab2bMelisab2b Posts: 67
    You could buy a box of sky lanterns from

    I initially saw them in Italy and someone had bought a box as a wedding gift. Mega idea and less than £30. Everyone would then be able to follow you outside and watch you release them.


  • PAmmounPAmmoun Posts: 5
    unfortunetaly this is not possible.

    those are not allowed in our country...

    So please help...

    only 2 weeks to go...

  • BC206540BC206540 Posts: 9
    Here are my ideas,

    something sweet from the heart- song- poem

    a new car number plate with refrence to the new surname

    something engraved with a message

  • lakarakalakaraka Posts: 3,628
    Not sure if you can pull this off in only two weeks but I would love if I had a surprise like this...

    If it does not help you pammoun, hope someone else can relate to it. ;\)


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  • lalapinkuklalapinkuk Posts: 725
    depending on teh budget you would be working on but for our wedding h2b and myself are surprising everyone including bridal party by getting having helium balloons(have you seen my best friend's wedding where there were hundreds on the tenns court) but we are doing it on a smaller scale and filling the reception room with the balloons elevated to the ceiling and teh ribbons floating so our guests can take them out and all release them at the same time (they are all goign to be ivory so will look beautiful floating away) and you can just buy the helium cannister for about £50 and get someone to help you to it

    Failing that diamond earring on the morning of your wedding will be a beautiful surprise

    good luck

  • zkrzysiakzkrzysiak Posts: 18
    You could write her a poem, or a note if that is easier telling her how much you love her and what she means to you, post it the day before so that she opens it on the morning of your wedding. Or give it to someone to give it to her the morning of your wedding whilst she's getting ready. You could buy her jewellery to wear on her wedding day and get someone to give that to her on the morning of your wedding.
  • loweellieloweellie Posts: 1,196
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