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Suits to compliment military uniform?

My h2b is in the RAF, as is one of his best men, the other (his brother) is going through training for the Royal Marines, and we are thinking about them wearing uniform for our wedding. It also means that we can have a guard of honour when we leave the church! My problem is that I don't know what to put my dad and the ushers in to compliment the uniforms. None of them are in the military and my dad has said he really dislikes morning suits and would rather not wear one, I kind of think that morning suits would clash with the uniforms anyway.

Anyone got any suggestions? We want quite a formal wedding, so it needs to fit in with that. Any suggestions will be much appreciated!

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  • Hi, im having a military wedding too and y H2B's outfit is navy blue. Ive ordered navy blue morning suits and the colour match is really good!

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    Ive been to a military wedding,and only the groom was in uniform, the black morning suits did look slightly odd against his uniform, i thought blue would have worked better, or perhaps dark shirts and dark waist coats compiment the uniform well, such as a dark or navy blue! This still is formal and works really well!
  • My h2b is getting married in number one army dress which is navy and 4 of his friends will be there in their number 2's which is green and i hadn't even thought of the best mans suit till i read this post! Am definately thinking of asking best man to wear navy blue suit now, cos he wont be in military uniform, thanks!
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    Hi there,

    Im completely new to this so i hope you dont mind me joining in.

    My h2b is getting married in his blues and his best man will be wearing the same. The other groomsman and my h2b's father are wearing kilts with black bonnie prince charlie jackets. I know this doesnt help if your not scottish!! My dad isnt a scot and is wearing his black tux. We have gone for black as all the guests in kilts will have black waistcoats on and my dad loves his tux which happens to be black too. If you have noone else to coordinate with other than the uniform id choose navy but if you (or your dad) would rather something else id go for it. A uniform is a stand alone item anyway so it wont look out of place if it isnt matched to the other attendants.

    Good luck!


    PS its nice to here about other military weddings!!X
  • Hiya girls,

    my htb is in the army to and he definetly wearing his number ones, i

    was just wondering how you all managed to set a date?

    as i am finding that difficult it so basic i know.
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    I think setting a date is much harder when your trying to work around people in the military!! My h2b has been in Iraq since Oct last year so we knew he'd get time off this summer! He gets back the start of june and has 3 weeks post tour leave so we are hoping to taste the menu do the seating plan, gift list etc then, he's back to work for a month then his 3 weeks summer leave is due to start the day before the wedding. We choose the first day of summer leave as its the holiday that in his regiment seems the least likely to change, from experience. Ive got my fingers crossed though as you never know with the army!! All of his guard are in Iraq too and his best man is in the Air corps so it was hard to get everyone free together, im hoping it'll all work out ok.

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