Help Please! Best Man & Usher Gifts?? One Week to Go....


Can anyone help with ideas for Best Man and Usher Gifts......:\?

Have a budget of £50 each

Best Man - likes football (Hearts & Liverpool, but lives in London so if we got him tickets he'd have to pay for a holiday), most sports, gigs, theatre

Usher 1 - likes music, food, restaurants, gadgets (lives in New York)

Usher 2 - likes food, eating out, travelling (lives in Inverness)

Boys are so hard to buy for - even my h2b is stuck!!!

Thanks for any suggestions at all (trying to avoid cuff links, engraved glasses etc..)


  • kirstybrakirstybra Posts: 384
    What about a football shirt of the team he likes for the best man why dont you treat both ushers to a meal with there partners a voucher for a local restaraunt maybe. the one from new york book him in for a meal before he goes home make it local to where he staying.
  • HopefulBrideHopefulBride Posts: 130
    Wow, this is tricky... I am on this website anyway, discussing rings (argh!) and saw this keyring. I know it's not quite what you were thinking but just thought, if you're really stuck, it would do for going to the football, beautiful gadgets, and travelling, so might cover all three!

  • vader8mevader8me Posts: 56
    Hi, we are in the same predicament and don't like the usual cufflinks etc. etc. We have been thinking about something they can keep and may use in the future. Most men like to gamble/play poker and would like to be James Bond, so we are thinking about a leather bound Poker case with chips, dice and playing cards.

    We have seen a couple on Amazon for around £50. Others we have thought about are chess sets, othello, backgammon or dominos.

    Good luck.
  • What about leather wallets? they can take thm wherever, and if your ushers and best man are like most blokes, they wont get rid of their wallet untill it falls appart!
  • nzecevicnzecevic Posts: 1,206
    we ordered ipod shuffles from apple website. £31 each and in different colours. I think they arrived in a couple of days
  • Have you tried they have loads of unusual gifts including a really nice cashmere football scarf that comes in loads of different team colour combinations.
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