A-Team Van Hire, Essex

Hi everyone,

Has anyone hired the A team van for their groom as a suprise? I know my h2b mentioned it when we were first engaged... since has lost interest in the wedding lol. Was looking into booking him one.

Whats the best price you found??



  • my oh best man has hired it for them for the whole day, i think it was around £400 we are in essex
  • rossi350rossi350 Posts: 173
    My H2B recently spoke to a chap with an A-Team van and Face's Corvette. His email address is: [email protected] His mobile no: 07806762605.

    Or website: ateamvan.com

    I wanted this for me and my dad to go to church in lol. Don't know how much he charges. Possibly around £380 depending on how long you want him for and the distance he will need to travel.

    I actually have a photo of this van if you want it.

    Good luck.
  • MrsS to beMrsS to be Posts: 2,633
    Aw, thanks for the reply, i did get an email back from http://www.ateamvan.com/

    And this was their reply : Our basic charge is £350 for a wedding we are free on the required date but we do insist on a £50 deposit to secure the van for your special day.

    Im tempted... I know my h2b would like it but am unsure if he knew the cost if he would think it was worth it... thats only £50 under what we're paying for my bridal car and the bridesmaids...

    Its a difficult decision.. x
  • amy0805amy0805 Posts: 63
    I'm considering it for my H2B as well as he is a huge Ateam fan!! I've seen the van at a wedding fair and it is great!! It has a big screen that comes down and they play episodes of the Ateam!! I think it seats about 6 aswell!!
  • rossi350rossi350 Posts: 173
    Forget the groom!! I wanted it for my car. lol I am amassive a-team fan.

    We also looked at the Genral lee (£380 for the whole day) but i was a bit concerned about getting in and out of a 2 door car in my lovely dress, plus, my dad is late 60's and i was concerned he would struggle to get in and out.

    I have now left the car decision upto H2B. He knows what i like and what i defo don't. (he has also been incharge of the rings !! )
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