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does any one know if either Steven Gerrard, jamie carragher or any other players do the letters/card of congrats???

never thought of this - but its a fab idea i have noticed a few of you doing! x

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  • fitnessfifitnessfi Posts: 399
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  • helenb2209helenb2209 Posts: 5,102
    Think they do it from all the club players. You could make contact with the club and ask for one specific player to write a message xx
  • Lily162010Lily162010 Posts: 3,064
    They wont do it unfortunately. They only do it for charity now so dont get your hopes up!
  • TattieBooTattieBoo Posts: 473
    hi sweetie, they do do a certificate personalised to you with prints of all of the players signatures and your choice of a free gift - i got an engraved pen. You have to pay, it's about £14. I ordered mine earlier this year and it arrived a few weeks later, it's hidden away ready to put in my Groom's surprise prezzies box in October ;\)

    If you send me your email address i'll forward on the info they sent me and then you can decide if you want to go for it too xx
  • svvsckjsvvsckj Posts: 114
    ooo - thankyou Tattieboo - bery kind - pm sent x
  • nickipinknickipink Posts: 98
    I sent a letter with a card and SAE, and got a personalised message from Rafa with his signature. So they will do it! x
  • Hi,

    I sent an email to EFC this morning asking if I was to send them a card would they be able to get evertone to sign it. I got a reply just now saying:

    Hi Lyndsey

    We don't take cards to be signed, but I can send you a wedding card from EFC, if you email all the details nearer the time I will post one out to you.


    Im quite excited...hope it's what I expect, my H2B will be made up
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