Amazing Boudior Shoot with Cinnamon Boudoir

OMG, just back from my boudoir shoot with Lee and Que and Cinnamon Boudior, and it was AMAZING!!!

Like everyone else I was really nervous to start with,but Lee started on my hair and make-up before we went downstairs. Lee was great and made me feel really at ease straight away. Had four outfits (including wedding day baby doll), and implied topless and butt naked. It was always up to me how far I was willing to go.

If anyone is in doubt about doing a boudoir shoot dont be!!! I'm self consious (?sp) about my body, having lost weight but still not got a flat tummy, but was directed into poses to flatter my curves (and the soft directed light helps!)

Cant wait to see all the proofs, how the hell I'm going to keep it my H2B till the night before I dont know

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  • daisyteandaisytean Posts: 1,382
    So glad you enjoyed it - thanks for your email and all your tips.

    Let me know what the proofs are like!!

    Off shopping, AGAIN, tomorrow!!

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