Contact Details for Tim Westwood

Good afternoon ladies

My H2B is a massive Westwood fan and has been for years!

I have already been lucky enough to get some congratulations letters from Nigella lawson and Al Murray but one from The Big Dawg would top his day!

Does anyone know where I can find contact details of his management at all?

Have e-mailed the BBC webpage and got precisely nowhere and the wedding is in just over 3 weeks!


  • I would contact Mercury Records as I'm sure he works with them, They should be able to give you details for his agent also try social networking like Myspace twitter ect.
  • fluffymoviefluffymovie Posts: 351
    I actually e-mailed just a random address and have had an e-mail back already saying that he will get him to do a card or something on Saturday after his radio show!

    Amazingly chuffed as I just know that of all the things I have planned for the day (including the Ferrari!), this will make his day so special!!
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