I'm looking for exepensive Pasminias, grey or silver..

Hi, New to all this, but have had some great advice through trawling through. Now it's time to get some answers.. :

I am looking for quite a few things, but would prefer to be recomended..

A starcloth (aka light curtain)

grey or silver inexpensive pashminas and finally

Silver closed toe bridesmaid shoes.

And I;ve not even started to look for me yet image

Thanks in advanced.

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  • mrskittymrskitty Posts: 13
    Starcloth is very expensive, but you can hire it. The place I used for my chair covers, Pretty Chairs, has one.

    As for Pashminas, where I live in Leeds there's a street stall selling pretty, cotton Pashminas for £5 each! So you don't need to spend a lot.

    As for shoes, sorry, mine had open toe shoes and mine were also open toed from Dune. I'd say have a look in Debenhams.
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