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11 days to go - no suits!

Mmmn - our Suit hire people have let us down at the last minute. Eight men to dress, they have one pair of trousers, can probably get us all the jackets but only have four curently, missing five shirts, no mention of waistcoats. Any ideas ladies? We live near Guildford and are getting married a week on Friday.

Any advice (other than how to inflict pain on these people) would be gratefully received.


  • DandMDandM Posts: 1,788
    Im not sure I can do anything to help, bar suggesting phoning all the suit hire places around you!

    Im in Worthing, but am using Dickie suit hire which has a number of places around - nearest one to u would be Crawley. Bit of a trek but they have been AMAZING with me and cant recommend them enough.

    They have all the stock held in their four stores (and often move stock about, so might be more likely to help than larger brands who have to order from one large warehouse...). Oh and mention 25% discount as advertised on their website - works out about £55 per suit.

    Otherwise - try Debenhams/ Moss Bros/ Youngs Suit Hire/ Formally Yours (online)/ Hirewear Direct (online). Someone must be able to help!

  • MagicCatMagicCat Posts: 522 New bride
    Hi DandM

    Thanks for the tip off with Dickie's I gave them a call today and they think they can help us, and the guy I spoke to was really helpful. Fingers crossed they will have all of our sizes in!

  • DandMDandM Posts: 1,788
    No problem, they were great with us (altho obv havnt used them for wedding yet) so hopefully they'll be able to sort you out.

    I really hope they have all ur sizes in and ur stress is over! When will they let u know?

    What colours are you going for anyway?
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