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Mens attire for Cyprus Wedding!!

Hi all,

I would like some help please, we are getting married in cyprus next year and wondering what the men should wear. I was thinking stone coloured trousers with a matching waistcoat, white shirt and cravat or a linen suit.

Anyone got any ideas?




  • kyla2smilerkyla2smiler Posts: 253
    that soundfs lovely hun, we are getting married in italy in sept and h2b is wearing grey suit white shirft an silver waistcoat,

    they prob will be well hot but after pics have been taken they can take off coats and roll up sleeves


  • kyla2smilerkyla2smiler Posts: 253
    sorry both the stone coloured suit and line sound great i meant


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  • donnagerrarddonnagerrard Posts: 140
    ha ha!

    just need to find the stone coloured trousers and waistcoats now, ha ha!

    any ideas where from?

    im going to look in cheshrie oaks by us at the weekend which is like a discount village.

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