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Can a charcoal suit compliment a silver grey suit?

Hi all,

My h2b and his bestman and the ushers are going to hire a contemporary lightweight Prince Edward 3 piece suit from Etiquette in what they call silver grey (it's not shiny, just a light grey).

However the Prince Edwards jacket is too young for my Dad and not the right shape (my dad's a rather round man). I don't think we'll ever match the colour of the groomsmens suits if we get my dad just a regular longe suit from elsewhere (Etiquette unfortunately do not do shorter jackets in the same colour) so I wonder what other colour people think will compliment it ok. Do you think it's ok to put my dad in Charcoal for instance.

All opinions welcome



  • stealthyjaxstealthyjax Posts: 191
    Difficult one... I'm afraid unless you get the same make from elsewhere nothing with match exactly as one Silver grey is different to another...

    You could only tell by seeing them lined up together...

    How about a morning suit for your dad? they're normally available in light grey and the different shape may suit as he has a special but differnt role to play in the wedding...

    I have had to remind my H2B more than once about the choice of suit for my Dad as its been rather over-looked and the groom should be thinking about everyone when choosing the suits...

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  • anng91anng91 Posts: 2,130
    Are you getting a suit for your h2b's dad? If so and there are 2 suits that match I think this would work really well.

    My hubbie had a silver/grey suit and his best men and the dads had a charcoal suit. It look lovely. x
  • vikki500vikki500 Posts: 46
    Hi AnnaP,

    that's a great idea.

    I'd been struggling to get h2b to think about the wider picture but he seems to accept that he needs to put my dad and his dad in charcoal suits now.

    yay - another decission made image
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