are the groom and groomsmen supposed to match????

i have no idea if the groom is supposed to be slightly different or not, like a diff colour tie? please help! x


  • aiswarlaaiswarla Posts: 52
    Both my Groom and Groomsmen are in the exact same suit, except the Grooms Cravat matches me and the Groomsmens Cravat matches the bridesmads

  • nzecevicnzecevic Posts: 1,206
    i dont' see that the groom has to be different - everyone should know who the groom is if they're invited to the wedding!! depends what you want though, it's your day to choose (or his LOL!) !
  • I'm doing the same as april2010bride and having my h2bs tie the same as me & the groomsmen in a different colour but don't think this is strictly the way it needs to be. After all, it is your wedding so do what you want. x
  • PrincessCeePrincessCee Posts: 496
    We had the groomsmen waistcoat, cravat and hankie in the wedding colour and groom in ivory. Everyone had the same suit. We tried all different combinations for the groom though and I decided I wanted him in different colours to the rest. I'm sure it's just personal choice.
  • we are having the groom as having diff colour cravat and hankerchief in his tales suit pocket. i don;t think u have to have something diofferect. like natz says people will know who the groom is if they're invited to the wedding! personal choice i guess really is what it comes down to.
  • stealthyjaxstealthyjax Posts: 191
    Personal choice... though it is quite the norm to have something different for the groom to make him stand out as something special - sometimes its just a colour or an embroidered waistcoat.

    Also, sometimes the Best Man is slightly different again to the rest of the Ushers.

    Its a bit like saying that everyone knows who the bride is so it doesn't matter if the bridesmaids have the same outfit as her - I know of few brides who'd go along with that one LOL!

    We're going through the fun(???) or choosing grooms & groomsmen outfits right now... :S
  • LizzylouukLizzylouuk Posts: 893
    We got married on saturday and my groom and groomsmen all wore the same. I have to say that i left this for my (now) hubby (!!) to decide, as i had chosen mine and bridesmaids outfits!!

    he chose really well, but wanted all the men to wear the same and i didn't mind!
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