I need help from anyone based in or around sussex area??

I really need some help, I want to get my fiance a barber to go to where he is getting ready on the morning of our wedding to give him a cut throat shave and do his hair.

I have searched for mobile barbers and one comes up in london they look very good but because we live in sussex they chrge £100 for travel plus the cost of the shave etc, bit too expensive!!

Someone must know of a mobile barber that does this, please help????


  • wifeyM-n-mwifeyM-n-m Posts: 246
    I remember there being one in Hove between the Crown Court and the sea (the barrister I was shadowing ducked off for a shave) I'm not sure if they are mobile and I can't remember what they are called- just that they are good!
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