Cant remember who referred me to Mighty Aphrodiate??


A few months back someone reccomended me to them but for the life of me I cant remember who, any takers?

I will post later about my experience on Tuesday, I am grinning from ear to ear though, it was awesome.


CNB. x


  • OJMummyOJMummy Posts: 154
    dont know if I recommended you - but I have recommended MA to a few people! If you want to give me name for the extra free print, feel free! Its Jenny Sharp and my shoot was 1st July.
  • CurlylydCurlylyd Posts: 1,465
    I've recommended quite a few people as well, and I got recommenend from someone on this site. Just in case you want another name, have this one! Lydia Clark, and I had my shoot on the 9th of July. Glad to hear you had a great time doing your shoot!
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