My Grooms Box is finished!

It started as a Grooms box and is now more of a Grooms Trunk but it is finally finished! I thought I'd tell you what I put in and what I wrote on the tag (mosly ideas from here!) for inspiration!

My boudior albumn (says open me first image) - All me just for you

A pair of nice boxers - So you can look sexy on the wedding night too!

So you don't get cold feet socks - So you don't get cold feet

A wallet with one of my boudoir pics in - So I can be close to your lovely bum at all times!

Black knickers from my boudior shoot - So we can recreate our own boudoir shoot later!

Sweetie bundle - In case you get peckish

Tin of mints - So you taste nice for the first kiss

Rolo in a ring box - Because I'd always share my last with you!

Paracetemol - In case you get a sore head

Husband and Wives Guide to Sex from 1814 - So you can get some last minute tips!

Massage butter - Bring this along later

White Ann Summers underwear set - In case your dissapointed I'm not weating white!

A grooms journal (I made this from a paperchase book and stole the headings from the real ones and then added an a-z of memories)

I think that's everything. I've wrapped it all in gold paper with big bows and it looks so pretty! I think it will take him hours to open!

Anymore ideas I still have a week so throw them in!image


  • daisyteandaisytean Posts: 1,382
    Oh Sara - it sounds amazing! I may have to copy you! I am having my boudoir shoot in 3 weeks - love the wallet idea. What sort of box have you bought to put it all in?

    And tell me more about the journal - I think thats a lovely idea, what have you written in it.

    I guess you ate the rest of the tube of rolos??!!"

    Do you think our H2B's will make any effort for us?!
  • swiltonswilton Posts: 149
    I asked the boudoir shoot place and they did me the wallet ones for free and they are card so won't bend. I got a large box with a lid from a local gifty type shop but ebay also does quite a few.

    In the journal I have started by writing a little note about these are all the little things he will have forgotten. Then on the next page I have written out our vows, then each page has my answers, descriptions to these "how we met the way I remembe it", "what I first thought of you", "our first kiss, our first time" "how I knew we were meant to be", "how my thoughts of you have changed", "our funniest moment together", " the aspirations I have for us" "something you said I've never forgotten", "the best part of our wedding day will be" " what excites me about getting married" " why your perfect for me" "where I see us in 10 years time"" if it were the last time we spoke what I would say to you" then it's the a-z of memories which was nice because it made me remember all those silly things I'd forgotten. Then at the back it has dates to remember. This is the book I used and I decorated the front in a similar style to our wedding invites

    My h2b is very thoughtful but will probably not have made quite this much effort but I thought I might as well try and make his morning as special as possible as I'm only doing this once! (I hope!). Oooh I also got a "bum shot" from my boudior shoot made as his wedding card!
  • Hi Sarahanne, i have also included a cheap digital watch from Argos in my H2B box so he isn't late for church. I have also included french knickers, but with a tag saying you can see the rest tonight.

  • swiltonswilton Posts: 149
    Hi Princess, I saw a dora the explorer watch the other day and nearly got that but I didn't think he'd be amused! Maybe I'll see if argos has a spiderman one!
  • daisyteandaisytean Posts: 1,382
    Sarah - thank you for all your tips - the journal idea is wonderful and I may try and do that - I know he would be very touched by that.

    Your man is very lucky to have you - am sure he will have tears in his eyes when he opens his box!
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