Hello Gals/Guys...

In my country , the customs say that the groom (me) should send a big bouquet of flowers to the bride's house...

I am looking for an wow idea, a wow layout for flowers...

any idea ? any web site that would give some ideas ?

thanks .


  • PAmmounPAmmoun Posts: 5
    Please please please`???
  • EmmA1981ukEmmA1981uk Posts: 1,065
    what sort of thing are you thinking of a bouquet of flowers or something different ????

    emma xx
  • shoebattyshoebatty Posts: 58
    find out what her favourite colour is and work around that - best to go and see a florist to advise you because big statement bouquets cost mega aounts of money! If you want something easy - that she won't have to arrange then can I suggest a hand tied bunch that will come with it's own water - that way she won't need to spend valuable getting ready time sorting out your gift! If you want a truely BIG statement then choose flowers that are gorgeous, out in bloom already - and expensive looking... long stemmed roses are fabulous, Cimbidium orchids are gorgeous - exotics like bird of paradise are also fantastic statement flowers. Good luck - lots of love SB xxx
  • PAmmounPAmmoun Posts: 5
    I know what color she likes (red) but I am looking for the bouquet layout...the way it is designed...

  • lilaclucelilacluce Posts: 648
    I like the ones in a 'bubble' of water. Means your bride wont have to faff putting them in a vase too.

    Red roses on their own with a bit of green foliage are beautiful, simple and classy.

    The best way to get advice would be to pop into a florist and ask what they can do.
  • secretbridesecretbride Posts: 533
    I really like the ones in the bubble of water aswell, I think most people do because it means you get to leave it looking lovely the way the florist has done it.

    Something like this........

    I also think that if you want a boquet to look special a few orchids in it make it look lovely.
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