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I just thought id mention that we finally got h2b's outfit yesterday at Marc Wallce on New Kings Road.

I throughly recommend going there, the staff are lovely - we had Jay, and the outfits amazing. My h2b has never looked so good as when he was all done up in their grey tails suit. He said they felt really tight to begin with but Jay said thats what a really formal suit (with tails) should be like - im guessing like when a woman puts a bra that properly fits her, on for the firs time. He also got a standard jacket for work (in a looser cut ) all for 900 pounds.

Also I was moaning that none of their cravatte colours matched my colour theme and he offered to make them up for me if i supplied the fabric at 30 pounds each. So im well happy.

Oh yeah H2b is also thinking about one of their waistcoats, but we havent got it yet - a bit too blue for his liking.

Cant belive he got himself all sorted in one session. Now hes gloating saying ' whats so hard about this wedding shopping, its easy' arrghhhhh, he so knows i had to go to about 12 shops and try on about double that to find my perfect outfit.

Still at least hes sorted!

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