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does anyone know how to go about getting a sports car to take my fiance to the wedding venue i want to arrange it and do as a surprise and tell him a few days before. i live in blackburn lancashire and dont really know where to look x

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    Hi shazza11,

    I had this problem as Im in Morecambe. Eventually found this company though and they have been fab so far. I have been dealing with a guy called Alex Newton and he has been super helpful.

  • I'm looking for an Aston Martin to hire and there is a company near Blackpool in Lancashire. The problem is they are changing cars right now so won't have an Aston until the new year. They have a Jag but it's nothing special.

    I'll check that site 2011brideuk suggested myself might hit lucky.

    There isn't much available up this end, most are down south I think.

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