wedding day gift for hubby-ideas please!!!

Hi ladies, I know I can trust you to help suggest ideas so heres a tester for you...I'd really like to get my hubby a present for the morning of the wedding day and I'm stuck on what to do...I have 10 months so plenty of time but I like to think ahead and if needs be save up for it on the side without my chappy finding out by looking at our bank statements closer to the time to find a lump sum gone out! heres some things to bear in mind that make my lovely man so friggin awkward!

1-He is walking to the venue as we live literally over the road so a sports car hire for transport is out of the

question..we live in the grounds practically!

2-he will be having a wedding ring other than that he doesnt like jewellery so thats out of the idea!

3-he doesnt follow football/rugby so a letter/signed picture from a club is wasted on him

4-He has expressed generally the FYEO are not something he would be fussed for (he is into

photography so jokes we will do it ourselves!

Have I got the most impossible man ever!help me please!


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    Ok i see no one has replyed so i will put my ideas.

    I get married in 4 days time and i have got my groom to be a box, in this box i have

    1) Groom cufflinks (he will have to have these on this shirt even if he doesnt wear jewellery he'll need these)

    2) Boxer shorts (nice pair of calvins

    3) Aftershave

    4) Groom socks

    5) A pair of french knickers (with a tag on them saying 'your see the rest later'

    Now thats it on my part but i was going to add a mini bottle of vodka and coke and have that for him to calm his nerves. etc etc.

    I have done the letter from Man U, as my h2b loves Man U. But is there anyone celeb your man likes, it might be worth seeing if they will write something.

    Also my best friend did a HUGE photo album of pictures for every year they have been together and added posit notes and little captions. He loved it and still gets it out now and looks through it.

    They are some ideas for you.

  • kay's H2B here using her account.

    I don't know how much you want to spend but how about a nice watch? Even if blokes don't wear Jewelery they usually have a watch
  • I'm getting my h2b a special watch which i'm hoping to get engraved with our wedding date on it.

    This is the one i'm looking at, but it may change in the 6 months we've got left!
  • Hi Flutterby,

    Your H2B sounds like a right pain in the toosh!! Lol! I'm not sure whether these will help you but I've started making a list of a load of different gift ideas I like for my H2B to put a box together for him - he's not getting all of them, it's just ideas for me really so I don't forget anything...


    Watch - to make sure he's on time

    Poker set

    Notebook counting down 100 days til the wedding (write a little note in it each day about why I love him) - this was another B2Bs idea on here!

    Aftershave, matching shower gel & lotion

    Groom/Husband to be card

    Male Touche Eclat

    Miniture of whisky/champagne - to calm his nerves

    Fake newspaper -

    MUFC/Belinda Carlisle (his first crush!) congratulations letter

    My Beautiful Groom book -

    Sexy time treats

    Pair of socks - in case he gets cold feet

    Under new management t-shirt -

    Personalised boxers (i.e. -property of mrs X')


    Whisky flavoured condoms

    Chocolate cigar

    How to be a good husband book

    Lynx mini spray

    Bottle of lucazade - his favourite

    Cheese & onion crisps - his favourite

    Chewing gum/mints - fresh breath for our first kiss as H&W

    -Mr' luggage tag

    Stress relief pulse point balm - to calm his nerves

    Wedding toilet roll - in case he gets the runs - haha!

    Lucky sixpence

    Paracetamol & Ibruprofen

    Bottle of water

    Sex for married couples book

    I'm also planning on hiring a roulette & black jack table as a surprise for our reception. He would be absolutely over the moon with it!!

    Hope these help you xx

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  • thank you all soooooo much ladies! what amazing ideas you all have! im spoilt for choice now! all of the ideas suggested are the idea of a box with things in like a watch with a tag attached saying "to make sure youre on time" and the socks-cold feet!

    He would love that as likes thought to be put into things and he wouldnt expect it from me haha! great! ta muchly!
  • you can get the cold feet socks on ebay!! i have bought em already!
  • Hi I bought my husband a Breitling watch....very expensive but was worth it....he loves it and was over the moon.

    Tracey xx
  • ooo I will ebay away for the socks lauramc..thanks! other half would be my man slave for life if I got him a Breitling! dont have that sort of money sadly but Id be tempted to get him one on finance if I could find the right one...where did you get yours from?
  • I bought my H2B a set of cufflinks from kswjewellery, she makes jewellery and cufflinks from the fabric from your wedding dress, it's great if you have a few trimmings! I had the same problem too, I gave him a few other things too but men are so difficult to buy for! the link for the site is

  • Jessers what fab ideas! Im totally loving the fake newspaper,very funny image

    Was the notebook doing the countdown just a normal notebook or one made specifically to do a countdown?

    A good list of ideas thanks ladies xx
  • Hi Flutterby angel

    I got it from Beaverbrooks, i had saved some of the money and borrowed the rest (my brother works for a well known bank and he sorted it out for me) but beaverbrooks had a good interest rate. I bought it about12 weeks ago. They have quite a good selection.

    Tracey xxxx
  • Hi Lemonsherbert,

    I'm just going to use a normal notebook. I'm going to do a little introduction page at the start just so he knows what it is, then I'm going to date each page and then write my little note. I'm thinking that I might even do a little pictures section in the middle as well.

    I'm really hoping that it'll make him cry!! Haha! image

    I really love the Oh So Cherished books but I think they're a little over priced so this is a cheaper way of doing it I guess.

  • Hey girls,

    I have seen that some people have mentioned letters from football teams, how do you go about getting this? h2b is mad about utd however his whole family and all his friends are liverpool, therefore he has never seen them play as he has never had anyone to go with, I am planning on getting us a trip over to watch them play as his wedding present but I think it would be really special if I could get a letter or something signed for him.

    Anyone else done this? or know how to go about it??
  • ok, so I have just partically answered my own question by going onto the utd website, but it says that they will do up a letter and SCAN a signature of alex ferguson onto it, but doesnt mention anyone else.

    Any other advice or ideas??
  • Hi, iv just been re-directed to this thred because im looking for an idea for a gift for my h2b, and i love these suggestions, im going to have a look at kswjewellery as the idea sounds so personal, thank you


  • Heres an idea,

    my h2b also likes photography and a while ago he sent me a lovely poem that makes me cry every time i read it. So for a present for him on our wedding day im going to type the poem and frame it in a 9 piece picture frame, 8 parts for the poem and the centre picture for us.

    Just an idea, picture frames-poems-photos, they all kind of go together in their own special way

    Hope it helps
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    I got my husband some personalised cufflinks. They're handmade silver cufflinks in the shape of his initials, a bit like this (this is the picture from the website not his actual cufflinks):

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    Hey Flutterby,

    I have made my H2B a photo book from Tesco. He always jokes that we are the perfect couple (is there such a thing?!?!) and so I made him a fairy tale about how we met etc although it was all true, i just flounced it up a bit! I included some pics of us as babies, fun times we'd had, some travelling pics, the work we had done on our old run down house etc. I hope he likes it!! You can do it all on line and it only cost £15 for a hard back book,

    We both also love Friends and so I sponsored us two lobsters at the hatchery in Cornwall where we live (as Pheobe calls Ross Rachels lobster - sad I know!!) I know he will appreciate the sentiment though image

    Just some ideas, I hope they help xx
  • Hey you guys have some fab ideas image

    I am loving the socks they are fantastic.

    I get married next year and have been wondering myself about his present.

    So far i have got him a t-shirt that says Game Over with a bride and groom on it and some cufflinks with the Leeds United badge on them (he loves leeds more than me hehe). i like the idea of the box of treats though i think im going to copy hehe! xx
  • Zog those cufflinks are EXACTLY what I'm looking for as a present for my h2b!! What website are they from? x
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    Just wanted to thank you all for your amazing ideas!!

    I will have 1 happy hubby :\)
  • I have purchased for my future son in law a gents pocket watch and chain.

    they are getting married in june 2010 but i am going to give him the watch for xmas so as to not take the shine off my daughters present to him.

    i do not wnt to tempt fate by gettting it engraved now

    but am going to ask him if i can have it back nearer the wedding date to get his and my daughters name engraved and the date they get married.

    It's a Rotary watch gold in colour and it has a chain with it just over a huindred pounds

    its not an item he will use all the time but a keep sake to pass onto any future children?:\)
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    Hi my h2b is also hard to think of gifts for and i came up with the idea of nameing a star after him as he likes that sort of thing
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    Zog - where are your cufflinks from - they are perfect....its hard to find the double initials though! thanks
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    Check out this website:

    You'll get a lot of original ideas here.

    All the best choosing! image
  • Hi thecantles - not sure where Zog got that pic from nut I just did a quick search on google and found this site that does the initial cufflinks

    Not cheap though..xx
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    I've been looking at some personalised cufflinks. The single initial ones are relatively cheap but the double initial ones seem to be dearer. I don't mind paying the extra for something a bit more personalised tho and think they are a fab idea.
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    Zog those cufflinks are EXACTLY what I'm looking for as a present for my h2b!! What website are they from? x

    Sorry, forgot to check back here, the cufflinks were about £300 and I got them from:

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  • I have got my hubby cufflinks too, but i've also got him something else. I've made up a poem myself and had it put onto a beautiful personalised scroll for him in a little box all decorated.

    I ordered it from the following website, the lady who does them is brilliant and she will do whatever you want!

    I thought it was quite different and nice to have a personal present too.

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    bexie08 - are we the same person? lol!

    I have got pretty much all the same gifts as you for my h2b - including the letter from Man Utd which he will LOVE.

    Only 8 days to go.... xx
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