Gift box for groom's presents - just found this...

Hi girls, just thought I'd let you all know I've just found this:

I think it looks great and its big enough to put in the My Beautiful Groom book and some other goodies!

Am ordering one now!!



  • daisyteandaisytean Posts: 1,382
    Hey thanks Laura - its perfect, I have just ordered one too! I can fit my boudoir album into it perfectly.

  • Brilliant! Pleased to hear it! Not long left for you is there? x
  • seffielseffiel Posts: 1,729
    Laura this is great, thanks! x
  • I see this but wondering if it will fit my boudior album, the grooms journal and other bits like sexy underwear, boxers, socks, massage oil etc? x
  • seffielseffiel Posts: 1,729
    it has the measurements of the box on the website... does it have the measurements of the grooms journal..? maybe just measure what you have bought so far and see? x
  • Hiya

    Just to let you all know my box arrived and it fits in my journal, a pair of socks, cufflinks, boxers, a couple of little book things and still has some space.... xx
  • seffielseffiel Posts: 1,729
    Bought mine at the weekend, really looking forward to it arriving!! xx
  • That is such a lovely box! Im going to order it when I get home tonight, and love the look of the guest books too! Beautiful! x
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