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Please paste speech examples - it would help soooo much!!

Hi girls - I seem to have ended up with the task of writing the speeches for my Dad and our best man. I think my groom can do his own thankfully! Please can you paste parts of speeches on here to help? Thanks!! :\?


  • lakarakalakaraka Posts: 3,628
    why don't you try this website for best man speech there is sooooooo many of them and they are really good.. you will find the speeches for father of the bride there as well.

    Hope this helps.


    p.s sorry I didn't mention that there is a cost for it. I don't think its a huge amount anyways but just so you know, That website is very goodimage

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  • BaxterukBaxteruk Posts: 3,373
    Excellent site, thanx
  • hiya betty, i just bought a book from called "how to write a wedding speech". it is excellent, it's got idea's and samples for father of the bride, groom, best man and even for the bride and cheif bridesmaid if needed. it is £7.99 but really good value! hope this helps xx
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