H2B coming home yay

Hiya everyone my H2B is in the army but he got leave for two weeks YAY hehehe i want to look good for him ive got this gorgous white skirt quite fitted round the hips and bum then goes a bit flowly at the bottom what top could i wear with it? i know this has nothing to do with weddings but heah any suggestions girlies what do you wear with white skirts? kind of hot casual hehehehe image xxxx


  • hi welsh chick im a welsh chick 2 and u could always wear a wrap style fitted shirt always works for me...x
  • hiya ladyrachel thanx for the tip where abouts from wales are you from then? and when you gettin married?\xx :\)
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    I hope you have a great time with him!! My h2b has been in Iraq since last oct and isnt home until this June so i know how you feel! I havent thought about what im going to wear when i go meet him at the airport though, another thing to plan!! I really like monsoon for tops, you'll have loads of choice as everything goes with white!!

    Have fun,

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